Antahkarana, Part 2!

Namaste’ New HUmans,

The moment I sent out the New Day post, Antahkarana, Bright Light Of Self, ( I knew there would be a follow up. I needed to pause the massive flow of energy that came with that post and go to nature, relax my mind. But I could almost immediately feel questions coming from this tribe around the content that was shared. ASK and you shall receive… here is some additional content with energy for you to absorb and follow in discerning how the Science of Antahkarana might be speaking to your interior about the new Creation story now anchoring for this species.

I know that I AM building the Antahkarana in my life with intentional purpose. I know that my soul is just going to keep at it no matter what the consequence. I say that not as something heroic, but to remind you that you too, are here NOW with some equal conviction. And everything in this moment is present to help stimulate that knowing, that remembrance in you. Because it is time. This is the NOW moment.

The school for the new children that I was being called to the Earth to develop when Antahkarana first lit up my consciousness – that was not my highest spiritual objective at that time or it would have manifested. I could have done it well and it may come back around. ALL of which I AM not attached to because then I AM no longer in the present moment. (Antahkarana is Detachment) The current vision of a New Earth Temple of Light and the development of land to seed these new creations around the globe, has grown in me to strong awareness and committed power. I will share about how these temples are evolving even in gestation, in the March New HUman transmission.

Perhaps I did create that school in one probable reality 😉 but the greater awareness is that we must have the frequency to support whatever new visions are given to us  – and not by Will alone, we’ve already done that. If we are following energy and staying truly present to our journeys, those journeys will understandably shapeshift and change as we evolve our creator being – but the energy of what is feeding and guiding and sustaining you, will remain. As we continue to develop the Self and align with our Soul ( the very technology of Antahkarana), our interiors will expand into greater alignment with Divine Timing. We, as humans, we just can’t help but make everything about us – small self. We are easily bored and distracted – we flit from here to there in search of some illusive something we have not yet found. When we truly LET GO and trust ENERGY alone to be our compass, we will never be bored because energy is constantly renewing itself. The pulse of the earth is increasing exponentially, as is the pulse of your own interior wisdom. Both coming on line in harmony with one another and also the Great Central Sun. This is the activation of the Crystalline DNA and New HUman being. I will speak more to the link between the Great Central Sun, Shamballa and the New Golden Cities of Light now manifesting on this planet in the March webcast.

In Antahkarana, Bright Light of Self, I also spoke to the construct of channeling and made the statement, “it doesn’t occur to me that it is DeAnne” who shares the remembrance and teachings of all things New HUman. Then who? you might ask. We each have the capacity to access our higher mind, the bright light of Self of the Antahkarana. But not if there is fear. Not if we are constantly sending energy outside of self by following thought and filling our lives with doing.
To grow as a starseed
to evolve as a human
you must begin to see yourself in a higher light
as your True Self
Take a moment here and bring awareness to the image at the top of the page. See that beam? that is the Antahkarana. And that same beam of light is ever present in your consciousness, streaming a direct ray of Source into your high mind, for you to access and be guided by.
The majority of humanity is still living in separation consciousness, accumulating and collecting safety for oneself and not really connecting with our brothers and sisters in a shared, “whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine” consciousness of Unity. That would greatly upset the lower chakras. This is not judgement, it is just something for us to think about as we walk up to these new visions of how we are creating moving forward. When we are in our sovereignty – we understand both that as individuals, no one is responsible for us but the Self. But also that as a Collective, evolving organism, we are all responsible for each other. This is an essential perception shift underway.
We are, as a species, in a time of rapid ascent out of our lower will/fear based safety and survival energy centers, into our mastery. And that only comes with sacrifice. And what I know for sure and certain is that that sacrifice has to do with core wounds and story. How do I know this? Because I have lived it. We cannot teach and share something that we have not lived (personally experienced) because we are feeling nature beings. The Divine is concealed by us in order to be discovered and revealed by us.
Before the impulse to google and research Antahkarana, I would talk to and listen and feel this energy – give it space. It has been filling me up for 20 years – it is shapeshifting to a different use of land aligned with where we are now as a species. In the January webcast I encouraged you to come up with a word that vibrated your intention this year. Something that has been truly wrapping itself around me these past weeks as we prepare for the Equinox Gateway is the energy, the frequency of “remarkable.” What a palpable vibration. And it occurred to me that the COLLECTIVE WORD poised to manifest for this species in 2023, is Remarkable.
We will spend time preparing for this Gateway in the upcoming webcast. I can tell you NOW that this is an especially powerful gateway that is immensely stimulating Creativity. I just added 2 new services to DeAnne Live – grounded by this creative impulse from Divine Feminine, with a desire to serve. Check them out when you have a chance:
I will post the date of the March Webcast here within the next week or so. Stay tuned. There is just so much coming in so fast – and I want to honor the Spring Equinox Gateway in determining the best alignment for this transmission.

In honor of March Gateway, I Am offering a 10% discount on Chakra Balancing and Attunements. This is a powerful way to prepare your energy and consciousness for this gate. We are entering a unique flow of refined light flowing through the SUN, organic Stargates and Gaia’s Master crystals. This, in combination with the vast network of activated Hearts, Infinite Christ fields and Crystalline DNA, is creating the dramatic accelerations this year. Polishing our bodies, minds and hearts in honor of this NOW is an act of Self Love and strengthens the desire to Serve.

Chakra Readings and Balancing: 10% discount through Spring Equinox
In Oneness, with LOVE,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones.

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4 comments on “Antahkarana, Part 2!
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Thanks for 2nd explanation of Antahkarana. I love the pix that you took showing its presence.

    So much is being revealed via so many wonderful channels.

    I’ve been meditating for 50 years now. It is becoming more and more acknowledged as a way to be more spiritually aware.

  2. Nikki says:

    Massive energies running here whoa!
    These pics blew me away! wow! Especially the one above ^^
    I looked at this pic and immediately felt the surge of energy through my body and breathed it through and grounded it into the earth. the buzzing has subsided and I’m feeling vibed up and I sent the energy out to give the whole earth a big hug.
    I’m with you DeAnne we are in an epic time.
    I’m excited
    There’s something sparkling in the distance that I can’t quite make out
    you are amazing
    I love how you interpret the energetics that are happening NOW and put my mind at ease…
    looking forward to the webcast ox

    • DeAnne says:

      “there is something sparkling in the distance” – I feel as if something? huge is heading right for me and cannot help but intersect with my path! Surely its the same thing you are feeling. We don’t really need to know what it is – just keep elevating our minds and bodies and hearts to receive and put it into service. Grateful to hold you as my sister on the planet in this strange, intense and wondrous NOW. We’ve got this! xoxoxo

  3. joyfuljudy says:

    Yep, it is definitely headed our way. Such an amazing time to have incarnated here now.

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