Fall Equinox Event

Great Mother

She holds us. She carries us. She teaches and sustains.
What She is giving birth to, we are also giving birth to.
Can we begin to understand such wisdom, such power, such love?

Holy is Her name,
Holy are we, who are devoted to Her ways.
She is the Sun that rises and the Moon that bestows and
that is Rising from within Her.
She is our Earthly place of worship
She holds the intuitive, vibrational KEY
to human and planetary rebirth.

I AM feeling called to COME, in Unity, to her folds and power spots on the coming Fall Equinox. This coming Equinox is ALL about Deepening, Synergy and RISE. A time to unfurl ourselves unapologetically, uninhibited, uncensored, unguarded, unconditionally unleashed. The Goddess in all her manifestations was and is the symbol of the Unity of all life in nature – the Sacredness and Mystery of all there is on earth. In stepping into the Brilliance of the Great Mother – we step into our own.

Time to Power UP!
And Fearlessly Embody the Expansion underway!

This will be a mountain top, PEAK experience. We will COME to her as ONE, uniting our hearts and souls and intentions in HER name. Questions to ask yourself before coming to this experience:

Am I ready to unfurl my true Self?
Am I ready to climb higher to a reunion of Self than I have previously dared?
Am I ready to LET GO of the excuses I impose upon myself that keep me in diminished light?
Am I ready to offer myself completely to the greater CALL of my Soul?

There are new Creations that want to be born. Beauty that’s yearning to be woven. New Consciousness that’s longing to be breathed into life. We are ALL being CALLED to surrender to new creations. Under the Fall Equinox Light of 2023, we will follow HER energy to ancient power spots with a willingness to surrender to these new Creations  – to usher in a New Era Of Consciousness.

Fall Equinox in the Mountains
Friday and Saturday, September 22nd and 23rd.
More details to follow but plan on full days!
Sunday will be bonus gathering to break bread together.
Energy Exchange: $222
Limited Spaces Available!

RSVP – deanne@deannehampton.com

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2 comments on “Fall Equinox Event
  1. Reetah says:

    Hi DeAnne~
    I’m happy to read this invitation you are sharing with the world. Holy and exhilarating!

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    Just finished meditating to one of your two Sunday morning meditations. I’ve been doing this for many years now.

    Later I’m off to do yoga with a woman from India. She ends it with a meditation.

    Looking forward to your next webcast soon.

    Love and Blessings,


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