A Time to Weep AND…

Double Banded Scoliid Wasp!

Namaste’ New HUmans,

It feels timely to check in, to connect, reach out and remind you that you are loved. There is just so much that is vast and beautiful and inspiring… yet equally intense and undoing and devastating. BREATHE – deeply and often. BREATHE – with intention and reverence. BREATHE. BREATHE. BREATHE.

We we are in a death and rebirth cycle – where hearts are shifting as the old leaves and the new slowly breaks like a new dawn over the horizon. Relationships of all kinds, intimate, friendship, family dynamics… our relationship to ourselves, to this planet, to our community and society, ALL in transition as we move more deeply and consciously into Unity; an embodied awareness of Oneness.

I have been holding space and light, as I know each of you are, for Maui – both the human family impacted by the current devastation, but also the land and energy and ancestors of this island. I feel guided, very much from my heart, to share some reflections. I know with any moment, personal experience or global event that occurs, especially in this NOW – to go to the Mother. To get my mind really still, to stay off media, and to listen, feel and ask the vibrational world for insight and clarity. There is SO MUCH GRACE and LIGHT present and available, with this humanity, individually and collectively. Everything is in transition. The more we are able to retain a solid, strong, FIERCE center in the midst of upheaval and devastation, the more clear we will be in our response, be it on a personal or global level.

I was strongly guided to meditate with the ancient and beloved Banyan Tree in the center of Old Town Lahaina. To get my consciousness up above the human suffering, which can be triggering and render helplessness and fear. This tree is a formidable, magical, ancient being that just oozes wisdom and sentience. The tree itself looks like many trees, its limbs grow out in horizontal reach and then down to re-root itself, building its own community of beingness around itSelf – strengthening and growing its own foundation, of connection, rootedness and Unity. It is a spectacular and humbling thing to witness. During the “perfect storm” of events that led to an entire town being returned to ash by fire, the upper, outer adornment of leaves of this Banyan Tree were burned away – but the tree(s) appear almost unscathed.

Just adjacent to this Banyan Tree is an ancient inner earth portal. For hundreds of years, the ancient ones, ancestors, spiritual seekers and seers alike have prayed under this tree, to the tree, leaving offerings of sage and tobacco and crystals, interacting with the structures and beings within the labyrinth of this portal. So, I’m in timelessness, out of time, out of mind, exploring, listening to and feeling both the tree and the portal. And my consciousness momentarily shifts to August of 2021, when a Tropical Storm devastated a lot of the WNC region where I live. Among the casualties, was the Interdimensional Canyon vortex that I have been working with and journeying with and taking humans from all over the world to, for the last 20 years. The earth on the surface completely rearranged, ransacked and toppled with hundreds of thousands of rocks and boulders. And just like that, the vortex was absorbed back into the Mother and sealed up.

I AM grateful for this coalescing of experience because it deepened within me TRUST that ALL is in Divine order, ALL is held in great wisdom and care, driven by forces that we may not always understand in the moment, but will be welcomed into activated hearts that have moved from fear and sorrow, into the New Day that is dawning. The Great Mother, beloved planet earth, both her surface beauty and her inner chambers, are in the throes of unprecedented transformation and rebirth. We must trust this process, listen well to this process and lean into the “medicine” of what is unfolding and not the wounding.

EVERYTHING is being held. I heard the media refer to Lahaina as the “city that weeps”. The whole world is weeping – but not the Great Mother. There is always a 3D and 5D expression to every event unfolding – ALL is held in the Light. As we each and ALL continue to experience our own expression of Death, of Transition, of Shift and eventual Rebirth, may we find the courage and strength and clarity of mind to grow our compassion. Compassion is the higher realms frequency of “feeling sorry for.” The latter vibrates with victim consciousness, where Compassion says, I see you, I AM here for you, you are my family, I’ve GOT you, what can I do?

We must take care, moment by moment, with who we are being, conscious of whether our thoughts and actions are communicating UNITY Consciousness and LOVE, or the Consciousness of Separation (old paradigm) and Fear. There is already finger pointing and the insatiable human need to blame – to make SOMEONE responsible. ABSOLUTELY there needs to be accountability and balance and fairness – and yet, often times if we jump right on the WHO’s fault is this! We don’t give ourselves time or space to truly FEEL and mourn and be present to what Existence is presenting.

On my run through the early morning mists of these ancient mountains today, I held this impending blog in my heart. That I may somehow lift consciousness UP to the Light always present, even as hearts break open and forward movement is contemplated from weary minds and emotions. I came around a corner and saw, what I thought was a honey bee on a flower. I approached to say hi and marvel at the wonder of this moment. But, as I got less than a foot from the spectacle – I saw this was not a sweet little honey bee, but a very serious wasp. And it occurred to me, WOW, that in that single moment I could witness such beauty ~ and yet equally so, danger and immanent threat.

I AM no way comparing this experience with the utter devastation on Maui! Nothing compares! Just as no one’s journey compares to yours. But, this did feel like a beautiful Force, a higher compassion and love reminding me, reminding us, that it is possible for an experience to contain both devastation and beauty, both death and rebirth, both fear and love. Two years after that tropical storm just kinda rewrote the history of an area of nature that will never be the same here in the Blue Ridge ~ new beauty is now taking shape, transformation that could not have been born but out of destruction.

Gratitude to all who took the time to reflect on the current webcast, always appreciated. This transmission, The Sacredness of Being HUman, is both empowering to the personal and collective experience we are all navigating at this time, as well as, an invitation to roll up your sleeves and come to the current rewrite and reset of life on this planet as we have known it, as WARRIORS. Strong, Fierce, Centered, clear and free minds, open and full hearts. Be humble at the alter of the Great Mother of us ALL and ASK WHAT IS YOURS TO DO. Let’s show humanity what is possible!

With Love Always and All ways, ❣️
DeAnne and the Shining Ones



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4 comments on “A Time to Weep AND…
  1. Kathleen says:

    Your wise counsel reminds me of the Hindu goddess Kali who embodies both destruction and birth. Thank you for leading us into this perspective and understanding.

    • DeAnne says:

      Dear Kathleen, Gratitude for reflecting. It “just so happens” that since the Lions Gate – Kali has been coming to me strongly – especially when I AM in the woods in the early morning. I have been SO moved by the experience of her energy, vibration, Presence – that I felt compelled to learn the Kali mantra: Om Hrim Shreem Klim Adya Kalika Param Ashwari Swaha. I even contacted a new human from India to make sure I was expressing the syllables correctly. Since the Lion’s Gate I have been running trails reciting this mantra – and found a very “designated” tree at the top of the ridge where I sit for meditation and first recite the sanskit you see here – and also its English translation. Oh Kali, my Mother Full Of Bliss. In your delirious JOY, you dance with clapping hands. You who are the mover of ALL THAT MOVES in the world. ❣️🙏🏽

      This experience has been very “moving”, even liberating for me – while simultaneously filling me with a calm knowingness. To have you then share that you kinda felt her Presence in this blog – was just too magical to not share. It just completely reinforces how loved we are, but also, how truly connected we are in a ONENESS that will continue to support us and keep us safe through this Planetary Ascension Process. Love you!

      • Kathleen says:

        This mantra to Kali is incredible! She is often considered so destructive and frightening. Yet here it speaks of her joy and dancing. So beautiful! I’ll definitely add this to my daily meditation and prayers. Thank you for sharing this “coincidence” of Kali touching both of us. She’s my “go-to” goddess when I need something done.

        Love and gratitude to you,

  2. Oh Kathleen and DeAnne, when Green Tara came to me in ceremony in June, she also brought me once again to Kail. All of August was Kali Ma, she came in just shortly after GT in July. I even got her oralacle deck and started using her love and destruction daily as a tool for meditation. Such a loving and comforting presence in this now. I’ve been practicing the principles of Trantra and absorbing the unity of understanding her destruction and rebirth are really and spiritually one in the same-trusting her and her guidance as Green Tara / Black Tara/ Blues Tara .
    Oh how our planet and I am being held by the Great Kali Ma!
    So excited about todays webcast🫧✨🌀

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