Equinox Mastery 2023

Today I woke up and was CALLED to a combination of trails and earth energies in the Shining Ones woods that I have never run before. This is wondrous and fantastical and inspiring to me because as many of you are aware, I have been running trails in these woods for 23 years. How is this possible? To experience something brand new within a reality that appears to be the same? Oh my! As I sit to share some of this experience with you, along with how it is relating to the Fall Equinox next week – I feel SO MUCH light, life force, vitality and JOY in my body (and mind) – I can hardly sit still!

The combination of trails, the creative design that I followed this morning, no thought, was the sacred geometry of the Infinity symbol. IN NATURE. And now deeply stimulated and nestled in my body. LIT UP from within. As I ran and followed the magnetic currents, the energy was under my feet, it was in my heart, swirling around me, mind still. You may remember that the Shining Ones have spoken at length to the Vesica Pisces symbol over the years, including in the Shining Ones, Ambassadors Of A New Age Of Light! The Infinity and the Vesica Pisces are the same geometry. It was just an other-worldly, blissful experience. I felt every curve and rise and fall, every corner I came around was accompanied by this anticipation of what I would see, what magic I would encounter! On trails I know well, no less. When I neared the bottom of the run, near the secret pool that is Jyoti’s favorite place to immerse and cool off… I stopped. Again, no thought, I couldn’t NOT STOP and draw this route I had just run, in the sand with a stick. Contours and curves, spirals and loops, sweeping pirouettes to the left and right and through the center, all encompassing, far reaching, yet all so connected in Oneness.

After the run as Jyoti cooled off, I put my head under a crystalline cascade and just went into the silence of the water. The sensation was that of being able to hear nothing, but everything, at once. Again, just this fluid, beautiful, love anointed bliss ~ soothing my nervous system, calming my heart beat, an enveloping caress of crystalline flow.

What is happening now with the SUN, with the waters of the Earth and our cellular interior is holy and powerful. It is a different language and calling us into new and very different choice points that go deeper with this coming Equinox. There are waves of New Light pouring into the organic stargates and Gaia’s core. There is no doubt this is what CALLED me into this geometric sequence out on the Earth today, comprised of so much dazzling Light. I know many of you are experiencing the expansive qualities of this New Light – from a heightened sense of lifting to higher states of consciousness, visions, inner surrender, bursts of energy followed by feeling completely drained. IT’S ALL GOOD! We will continue to feel very different as this New Unity continues to activate us into new beingness, where there is only love felt as we greet ourselves and one another, anew.

This Equinox is a potent blend of Cosmic balance. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing or being or feeling, may that be at the heart of your devotion this gateway. A New Harmony is RISING UP from Gaia’s core and meeting Cosmic energy in radiant and purposeful synchronicity. It’s like She, the Earth Mother, is realigning herself in the Cosmos and its freaking spectacular the level of love, compassion, DIVINE FEMININE FORCE that is attuning our hearts to Oneness. I, for one, can feel my path taking on new aspects of the Christ Consciousness ~ it begins within always – this deep desire to attune our bodies, our homes, our relationships, our work, our visions and dreams and hearts, to a higher octave of Self. It is no walk in the park! Every reference point/choice/habit I have known in my mind around what and how to eat, what my body needs, what my heart needs, how to flow my day… utterly gone. I feel as if I am just now, like a newborn, figuring out how to be human, in a very new way. It is SO exciting and blessed!

Again, the field is very active! Oh my, I feel so emotional just to say that out loud – to give it voice and lift my heart in honor of this NOW! Know that and make it your straight arrow of focus, that visions and sensations are amplified and our choices NOW reveal our heart and Soul’s intent. For the highest and brightest Mastery experience, truly evaluate your path and resolve whatever was previously created ~ lift your consciousness UP to the New Sun ~ free the energy of your lower chakras and consciously make higher choices for Ascension and Ascension alone. Everything we do and choose affects the whole in stronger ways as the frequency and light level rises. We will be moving with, sitting with in deep connection and creating ceremony with the Mother for 4 days – in vortex power spots – New HUman, New Consciousness, New Energy for this powerful Equinox. Know that you are ALL held in this humble gathering and strong intention! Tune in, jump in, imagine being out on the Earth with us, with the Divine Feminine Over-Soul – a joyous reunion of Souls on behalf of the Collective. Unity Consciousness is a radically different state of beingness. As New HUmans living only in the NOW moment, we use these choice-point jumps in vibration to shift our journey quickly and with as much ease and grace as possible. I AM holding this vision for my Self, for you and for ALL the beautiful Souls on this planet. The way to break the cycle of sorrow is to stop believing in it. I feel SO loved and so supported and SO GUIDED in the new trajectories! I AM you! And you are me and together, we are birthing something holy and true and powerful in design, as ONE.

My heart is SO full and you are definitely in it!
We are moving on!
We are Free NOW.
I AM so, so grateful for that.
And for those who choose to remain in the separation, choosing the lower choice points, let us send them mighty compassion and an even mightier Love!

With the Light of Oneness and the LOVE of Creation.
DeAnne AND the Shining Ones

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3 comments on “Equinox Mastery 2023
  1. Jayne says:

    Oh, DeAnne! This brought tears to my eyes – so Powerful, Joyful, Now, ready or not, ALL in, ALL Blessed – So, so, so, AMAZING.

    Bless you – I love to hear of your runs and feelings and adventures – such fun! In Service To The Sacred – Indeed.

  2. Thia says:

    Dear DeAnne… I so wish I could join you in real time on this equinox but I am unable to get up into the mountains at this time… I will be with all of you in spirit and heart and soul as we ascend into the new state of Ascended beingness through the gateway of Balance and Harmony never to go back again…
    Many blessings and much much love… Thia

  3. DeAnne says:

    Blessings of GRATITUDE, LOVE and LIGHT Jayne and Thia for BEING HERE NOW and joining always in the way you are able with this intention, in UNITY. It is a very big NOW. And guess what, we are very big IN it in all things powerful and true. LET’S GO!! xoxoxo

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