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Namaste’ Beloved Family,

We are standing before a pretty epic, yet daunting threshold of time and space, a realm-shift with far reaching consequences, on behalf of a new way of living and being on this planet. Something is beckoning from a future not yet realized, as it stirs the minds and hearts of humans waking up all around the world.

For this season as never before, we are being deeply stimulated to go inward and create something different; for our personal lives and the lives of a changing world. As we enter into December 2023, think of the 12/12 Gateway, the Winter Solstice Gate and Christmas Day as powerpoints within which to envision the highest potential in 2024. How can you best help your loved ones and this humanity to actualize a higher potential for a better world?

Your awake, aware, heart-activated, New Human mission this season
to sit with your Inner Light
while tuning into the heart and soul of this planet

We are powerful beings when we are in our hearts and live without fear. The world and Mother Earth need us to acknowledge our power, now more than ever, and move into greater positions of purpose, to be warriors as the Light returns to this planet.

In Mahayana Buddhism, bodhicitta, is the mind that is aimed at awakening, with wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings. It shifts consciousness and lives toward Christ-centrism as opposed to ego-centrism. What we do, we do for ALL.

The deeper reality understanding of the word Christ points to a Great Cosmic Intelligence at the root of all life. The Christ is at the heart of every atom in the Universe. And the Christ is something deep within our own being that we have come to actualize. It is not an easy path or quick to attain – but it is a tremendous path that we can take, if we choose it.

Jesus, Jeshua, was a man who did this – who incarnated the Christ. There was Christ, the Force – and there was Jesus, the man. Jesus the man attained Union with the Force of Christ. Jesus was, is, a Christed Master. And his life became an immense teaching because he did not teach the teachings of Christ as an intellectual, like we would. His life itself was a Divine play. An expression of the Christ energy, itself. That is why Jesus said, “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. He that followeth me, shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light.” This means to follow the Light of our own internal Christ/God/Master – and to follow the impulses we receive from him/her, to transform ourselves.

That Force, that frequency of Light has returned to the planet NOW ~ for us to take up the mantle of Christ essence. We need only tune into the path he walked and lived: to love without judgement or exclusion, to teach the power of a Christ-activated body, to not fear the journey you are being called to, no matter what it asks ~ and to leave the safety and comfort of the known, trusting there is greater life to behold. We have had so many beautiful teachers who came to serve humanity, that embodied a similar lifeforce: Krishna in India, the yogi Babaji, the Great Master Sanut Kumara, Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, Osiris in Egypt, and Buddha Maitreya. All this to just expand consciousness up and out like a Sun that Lights the world. Every religion has the Christed principle present. All religions are One at the root. As Master Samael said, “all religions are precious pearls strung on the golden thread of Divinity.”

Christmas (Christ Mass) is not about the birth of Jesus. Christmas is about the descent of the Christ Force into the Master Jesus. Its about the day he became a Christed One. An anointed one. It is a tremendously Divine Celebration and is also reflected to us every year astrologically during the Winter Solstice. Every year on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th – the Sun (son) RISES on the exact same latitude. This is the only time of the year that the Sun completely stops moving in degrees. ( ie the son dies) After these 3 days, on December 25th, the Sun starts moving again to the Northern Hemisphere, taking and bringing back the Light.

I find this awareness inspiring. I find it expansive. It does not take away from any belief system or religion. If anything, it is asking us to think bigger. To understand that we are so much more. Jesus, himself said, “the works that I do; and greater works than these, will you do.”

The New Light returning to this planet at this time carries many facets. Because we are now in the Age of Aquarius, this Light is dramatically, magnetically and with devotion, pulling consciousness UP. We are being LOVED above and beyond our ingrained identification with separation. The Christ Force today amplifies the heart of the way Jesus walked in the world. UNITY IS THE CHRIST FORCE. Spiraling out of this Unity Consciousness, is a powerful feminine frequency, the return of the Divine Mother, Christos Sophia, the marriage of the highest expression and gifts of masculine and feminine energy. Divine Union. Zero Point. Oneness. The Gaia Realms activating within and on this planet are in essence, the Christification of the Earth. ON BEHALF OF THIS CURRENT HUMANITY. Christos Sophia are the teachings that the Christ left after his resurrection. SHE is our future, Great Mother, Defiant Goddess, New Feminine Force in our world.

She lives inside of you. Open the door.

We are to become practical adepts of direct, experiential knowledge, to know what Christ is in a precise and experiential way. And not just know, but strive to incarnate within ourselves. We must learn to meet God half way. To reach our arms out to our Divinity like a child reaching out to a parent. And then the parent also reaches out to the child. ( Like Michelangelo depicted with The Creation of Adam.) We have to raise our hands, raise our will power and actually walk the path, in order to be helped. Another quote from the Master Jesus that pierces my heart with remembrance is, “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

Since the dawning of the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, in the early 60’s, there have been beautiful and brave human souls such as JFK and RFK and Martin Luther King Jr., who dared to step out with a greater truth, not for personal gain, but for illumination of the very tenets the Christ taught. We were not ready as a species for that level of Unity then. But in this NOW, if we are still enough within, we feel the Force, this something powerful and magical trying to come full circle, closing up the divide. Healing a world. We are One Human Family. Not one of us lesser or greater than. When there is judgement, imbalances, hatred and poverty anywhere, we are all living impoverished lives. In our Christed nature, we all came bearing the same sword, ready to go to battle not just to free ourselves, but to liberate a world. Am I an idealist? Perhaps. But my ideals and the Light that stirs my soul everyday, rests on a pretty ancient and strong foundation. And One that is Eternal.

The Christed Masters can help us in the inner worlds – as it says, “knock and the door shall be opened.” But more importantly on the Path, we should worship and follow our own particular, individual god – waiting to incarnate within us on our tree of life. We can best do that by committing seriously to the practices of Knowing Self and dissolving ego.

2024 sits like a well lit potential on the horizon. This is really a time of resolving conflict, both internal and external. Every time the external reveals amplified distortion or polarity, the guidance for resolving conflict within, steps forth. We are agents of change! We are incredibly well equipped, encoded, to open the inner door in response to all that seems so beyond redemption on this planet. A lot has been said on the topic of war, polarity, dismantling, and its causes. Rumi says, “out there beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” This is a time to avoid choosing sides, pointing out who is wrong and who’s right, who’s at fault, cosmic blame games, my guru knows more than yours, or fear based remedies. It is a passage for changing our reaction to inorganic stimuli, in order to diffuse unnecessary suffering. This has been the heart and wisdom of every New HUman transmission this year! Don’t be afraid to put your boots on and identify your particular sword… the Vertical Light pours into Consciousness that understands it is part of a much greater army.

Creating consistent peace, while taking action from compassion and Divine Neutrality, requires practice. The 12/12 gateway, the Winter Solstice and Christmas this season, are ALL opportunities to find your own inner door and elevate the commitment of your soul. As New HUmans, Christed warriors, lovers of the Light, we seek understanding and peaceful solutions which benefit all – and that requires patience, careful consideration of outcomes, and communicating from heart-based perspective. Seize this now moment as the energies intensify to resolve and release any distortions or conflict within. For additional support with that – listen and re-listen to the November New HUman Transmission. (https://deannehampton.com/archives/19749). Every willing heart is capable of radical change as the veils drop. And they are dropping rapidly!

Happy Christmas everyone, and Blessed Holy Days. May the Christ be born within us all just a little more this year – in our hearts – to help us continue on the Path. Do not feel fear for the upcoming year, 2024, brothers and sisters. Do not succumb to fear. It is only in the ego that we experience confusion, fear or doubt. Be Still and Know. May you find your Inner Door, leave the earthly mind behind and illuminate your Consciousness toward the Divine. Your I AM Presence and Infinite Heart have incredible influence on collective outcomes as the realms divide. For this Christmas and always,

Christed Love, Gratitude, Peace.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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6 comments on “A Message For The Season!
  1. Robert says:

    Mahalo for this message!! Wishing you an amazing holiday season.

    Much Love,

  2. Thia says:

    Dear DeAnne…Such a stellar inspiring heart message… I shall send to all ….
    Be blessed sistar this holiday season and always!💖
    In great gratitude for your comradeship on this Christed journey💫

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Thia for stopping by and sharing your light here. This message felt both effortless and powerful coming through, as if it was intent on being anchored into this NOW. Gratitude for SHARING ~ we need all the community and connectivity and support from the Light and each other we can gather into our hearts. Wishing you Joy, Peace and new Visions for sharing your light with the world. This holiday season and always💞✨

  3. Nikki says:

    Thanks DeAnne!
    Beautiful message
    It’s all an inside job and what a ride it’s been!
    Feeling the potential of the new year.
    Feeling the surges of light as all are elevated into the unknown.
    Tuning into the earth and tapping into her beauty.
    You are amazing DeAnne
    Love all ways 💚

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