When Only Love Remains

Namaste’ Beautiful, Beloved HUmans,

So much to be grateful for as the year winds down. So much to reflect on and reconcile and forgive and grow from. I felt to share this just truly beautiful message with you. A mother’s compassion and wisdom right here in an interview around the senseless death of her only child. Stay with it, it just keeps getting better and better with a love truly not of this world streaming through.

A few excerpts that I felt ripple through my heart of knowing:

“No one wins a war.
No one ever dies in vain. This is potentially a liberation for the whole planet. ALL IS HELD IN LOVE.

Raise the “new” children in love.
Anyone who has the privilege to do something – needs to put all their energy into loving and into teaching love and into healing where it hurts so that there will be more space in our heart’s to love. Because the opposite of love is fear and pain.”

Our numbers are growing. We are linking through activated hearts and the courage to stand up against a very old, unconscious system.

That “love not of this world” is all pervasive in this NOW. The Winter Solstice Gateway was like no other, truly. A vision opened up in a vast sky, just pouring in Light. I felt it in my cells. I felt it in my mind. I felt it in my heart, communicating with a tremendous, high love to RISE UP. Rise up. Move through the challenges, move through the loss. Trust the Light. Trust who you are. You’re here to anchor something new.

This arc of New Light continues powerfully from that gateway through Christmas Day and into the new year. I know that holidays tend to take us out of our center with so much to do do do. I encourage you to find a quiet moment to listen to the below interview so you may feel the remembrance of a greater story that Michal shares with us, a reflection of high love and a greater calling.

Additionally, go stand on the ground and feel the heartbeat of the Universe that conspired to give you life. “When only love remains…” We are so strong and beautiful and powerful in this New Light. Something deep and profound calls to us each day, in each moment.  I rejoice with great gratitude for this as the journey of our return expands in the world. And I rejoice with great gratitude for each of you. This Christmas and always ~

Shine your lights, I’ll shine mine too ~ I SEE YOU!
Holy Christmas Love and Merry Everything Beautiful and Bright,

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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3 comments on “When Only Love Remains
  1. I’m laying my flag down this year thank you for the reminder that what I focus on grows. The third option…..
    Begging for our hearts, not opinions!
    It hurts to be right
    We want closeness and love~
    Thank you DeAnne for teaching me about rising above in the name of love not resistance. I was privileged to spend last evening with my two sons, all love all joy!
    We are out of the conflict which makes me in love, all my energy in love.
    I pledge to be a NuHuman in love and sacred compassion. I promise to stop taking sides and be a channel of peace and healing. I will keep loving my sons and now her son is forever in my heart. Our family lost a son to tragedy 4 years ago and my sister has physically lost her body (Parkinsons), she has taken this woman’s stance and knows that it was and always has been love- all of it. No more taking a side, watching this and getting to spend time with her this holiday season has opened me up so much to my own justification of my opinions.
    This video has shed a different light on how I approach 2024 personally and collectively. No one ever wins a war whether it’s a country, religion or a personal war, ever. My thoughts can be violent and I know that all peace comes from within each human
    We are not separate from each other or the Mother. Profoundly moved by this this morning after Christmas and beautiful time with family…..
    “The Age of reunion” step by step we return to the truth….
    Let us not forget this is possible, reunion IS HAPPENING. Embracing the darkness with hope and light ✨
    To the light!
    Healing, so more space in our hearts to love….
    It’s truly that simple🎄
    Let’s go find someone to sit with and listen to
    Spread the love

    • DeAnne says:

      “Let’s go find someone to sit with and listen to.”
      The profound nestled within the simplest of gestures. 🙏🏽

      I AM so proud of you, so grateful to be a witness and support on your journey “back home” – back to Self. You are both an example that we are never done learning, re-membering here – but each time we pivot a moment from the ingrained patterns to something new, something different, we go deeper into this LOVE and the Grace that holds us every single day. It is SUCH a privilege TO BE HERE NOW – to see and understand ourselves more and more clearly and in doing THAT WORK – we LOVE others in a way that frees and redeems.
      2024 is the year of clarity! May we ALL take the profound level of Light and Alignment and SHIFT that came in with the Solstice Gateway (very much because of what is going on in Israel) – may we take and embody and live from a higher level of this Light, of this LOVE – and along with Michal, be a way-shower for a new possibility of being human on this planet.

      ALL MY LOVE to you, radiant expression of New HUman. 💙🙏🏽🌎☮️

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