January 2024 Transmission: Weaving Your Light Into The World

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2024 – A Year Of Clarity

Namaste’ New HUmans,

On Christmas Day, I shared a video with an Israeli mom – the post is titled, When Only Love Remains. I hope you have all had the incredible gift of listening to and feeling that message.
More than once…
After sitting with and holding the higher light and message that Michal gifted us – the prayers of a Mother ~ I felt to share some additional thoughts on our world, as we all come into prayer and intention moving into 2024!
On the one hand, the news media decides for us what is important. And yet, we all have this instrument of heart, that recognizes what is important. That has the capacity to choose in each moment, what is most important for us to focus on.
What is happening in Israel right now is important.
How we perceive and interpret and respond is even more important in what is unfolding.
We must raise our consciousness above this war.

The land of Israel and Palestine, which is named by 3 religions as the Holy Land, has become a focal point or intensifier of all human drama. And when the drama playing out there reaches a peak of violence and savagery and brutality, it is felt deeply in the heart of the world. We are all feeling what is happening – because we are one living organism. The high passions and intense emotions that are coming from these events, understandably call people into strong emotions, bewilderment and consternation; HOW COULD THIS BE HAPPENING? I had my own impactful loss that left me bewildered, at best, in November. I also felt, “how could this be happening?” When you read about the horrible events that have unfolded – a part of us can hardly believe it – how could people, human beings, do that to each other? That energy, that inquiry, that question and the energy behind it – is a potent opportunity for deeper inquiry – because it can be channeled so easily into hate. Hate is kind of an off ramp from anger and grief, both are uncomfortable emotions. But if you divert them onto hate, which is a kind of a relief ~ yet an intellectual relief really,  because you are replacing bewilderment, “how can this be? – I don’t understand” – to “oh, I understand, its that bad person.”

Instead of anger or blame – the discomfort of witnessing the world we now live in – IT wants us to sit with it. BE fully present. Children left without homes or parents, 1/2 of the victims in this Palestine/Israeli War are children. Instead of channeling that through a simplified story line of good and evil, hate and blame, perpetrators and victims – and the simplistic solutions that come from that old story line – the energy can be channeled differently. It will have an opportunity to express itself differently. Because really what it wants, the discomfort of those emotions, it wants us to look at things we have not looked at before for the very reason that it makes the status quo – unbearable. We have to look now. That’s what it wants. We have to no longer accept the way things have been. This is where anger and grief CAN take us. And ultimately it leads to compassion. The NO is not this, but what? the YES is Compassion.

And so, with all the global events. we have to go deeper into what created it. The lives and circumstances of the people involved. And your role in creating those circumstances. ALL of us. What anger or blame is there in our own lives, how are our emotions imbalanced and why? What can you do differently? How can you look at things you have been avoiding looking at, differently? We are ALL connected. We are ONE LIVING ORGANISM. There is nothing happening outside of us that is not in some way – connected to what is happening within. We have to look now. We have to no longer accept the way things have been – FIRST in our own story. Which empowers us to see these greater circumstances of humanity – to be with the discomfort of our world, with compassion first, to no longer accept the way things have been.

That is your power as a conscious, heart centered new human. To understand at a deeper level what life is trying to teach us, so that we can create different circumstances. You/we have to understand, if we really want it to stop. Apply this to your personal reality and apply this to the global reality. We must first understand and begin to look at and see things differently. We must decide we will not continue the cycle. The alternate path is forgiveness. I am not going to harm the one that harmed me. If forgiveness means anything, that is what is means. Restraint is also on the spectrum of forgiveness. Any time you exercise restraint, you invite the other to also exercise restraint. Are we ready to move beyond retaliation? If someone doesn’t do that, the situation will spin out of control and engulf the whole world.

This is something in the news that is actually important. And deserves all of our attention and our prayers and our commitment to creating a field of forgiveness in our lives. A field of restraint and a field of forgiveness and a field of non-judgement, so that those who now have the fate of the world in their hands, tap into that field and make similar choices. I don’t want anyone to feel hopeless in the face of what is unfolding in Israel. There are other powers at work here that are not easily seen. Despite modern people. The prayers, the ceremony, the meditations for peace – it ALL has an impact. If we were just subject to the typical predictable political calculations, then there is no hope. But the world does not work that way. There are other powers at work here. There is always a higher realms influence and participation in any experience unfolding in the lower realms. And if you are reading this – you know that. So take action in your own small way, in your incredibly vast and wise heart. Create a weekly prayer circle at your house. Or a bi-weekly meditation gathering. We do have power. SO much power. No judgement, no egoic discussion – just come together with prayers for peace. Holding light over and under and all around this region of the world. This is how we participate in a greater power, work with the greater powers in play – in our own sphere. SUMMONING those guardians into our world. Every time we practice those qualities of forgiveness and restraint – it opens the door for beneficent beings to come in and help us.

The Shining Ones are among the most beneficent of Beings. Why have they returned? Why have they been SO generous in sharing their light and knowledge with me, pushing me so far out beyond certainly my comfort zone, but also far out beyond what I could possibly know and have access to as merely human. They have not come to assist this species since before the time of Atlantis, but they have returned NOW – they are here NOW! Why? Because they know our capacity, this humanity in this now – to see and respond differently… to what has been broken and hurting for a very long time.

If you have underlying anxiety – you will need to actively choose forgiveness – in order to use restraint. Forgiveness does not mean that you just let it happen again. Forgiveness means that you don’t act on hate. You don’t act on retaliation. Or vengeance. Instead, you act on actual safety. For example – if someone is abusive, verbally or physically, you can say I genuinely don’t hate this person and don’t wish them harm – but neither do you allow the circumstance to continue where that person is able to continue to be abusive.

What is the interest in the Israel/Gaza situation of getting revenge – and what is in the interest of preventing it from happening again? What are you really serving here. It is just as important that we answer that in our own lives, as it is in these global affairs. I mean, maybe instead of an invasion, you bring in a million peacekeepers to Israel and Gaza and the West Banks and they flood the entire region with peace activists and witnesses. And nobody gets punished, but no body does it again.  Use that vision in your meditation and prayer circles. WE ARE NOT POWERLESS. But we first have to understand our power and use it wisely. We all are being asked to see our lives and the greater world differently – and to respond in new ways. 

Would you settle for that – if no one got punished, but no one does it again? That is the choice we have to make. That’s the choice that informs true forgiveness. You have to let go of something. Forgiveness is a sacrifice. And what you have to let go of – is that vindication. That they got what they deserve. Because that practice and choice means it never ends. This is what Michal, a mother in grief, spoke to so eloquently and wisely. What do you really want in your soul? If you had to choose – would you rather they get what they deserve – or that no child ever has to experience that again? Yes we live in a world where a lot of people are holding rage that has built up over a long period of time. And its contagious. But remember what Thich Nhat Hanh said – if there is one person holding peace, the whole world will benefit. 

It is the person that holds the center – holds the quiet place – that doesn’t react right away – whose might will be able to calm others. Its a vibration, a magnetic. Its a field that we look for and are drawn into.

From my own very deep loss over the last 6 weeks – to the new expansion in my heart – I have embodied a greater sense of how much this humanity is suffering. Everyday humans fighting their everyday inner war – struggle, anger, fear, not belonging or feeling they matter. My heart has expanded way out – to hold a more cosmically lit vision of this species.

Daily Prayer:

May my heart be big enough to hold not just what is beautiful, but what is devastating and non-sensical. May I set aside my own agenda and my own fears just enough to allow greater light into my mind, my heart, my perspective and my life. May I RISE this day above what is broken and unredeemable, in myself and this humanity – so much so that mercy and compassion, forgiveness and LOVE become my only compass moving forward. I AM the Light of the World! May my life reflect one who has accepted the full responsibility of embodying my Christed nature and the power I have to heal and transform.

Please join me for the first New HUman transmission of 2024.
Sunday, 1/7/24, 11:11am eastern
Meditation: Cultivating A Spiritual Attitude

All My Love,
Peace, JOY and Harmony,

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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4 comments on “January 2024 Transmission: Weaving Your Light Into The World
  1. Amy says:

    Forgiveness is a sacrifice…..
    Thank you for the daily prayer, I’ve worked really hard this year on awareness of my shame and in that awareness that forgiveness starts with self. The grace to know the difference between justice-they got what they deserved, mercy-they didn’t get what they deserved and Grace- unmerited love compassion and sacred forgiveness.
    Thank you for guiding and showing us NuHumans the way of the light. Thank you for brining the grace of the Shining Ones into my intention for 2024 which is sacred compassion, for “them” but it starts with me. self forgiveness and compassion.
    Love love love the prayer and will be sharing this with friends and family
    Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks

    • DeAnne says:

      I AM just gonna sit with the GRATITUDE of receiving this reflection and love. SO grateful for you and your soul, your devotion to your inner world and determination to be the strength and center or your own LIGHT. Knowing you, I feel less along in the world; in this fight for right and light and freedom. We came to SHINE and to show a new way of being in the world – A POWERFUL Re-membrance. Thank you for taking that journey with me. I feel your hand, in mine. 🙏🏽💙🌎

  2. Kathleen says:

    Dear DeAnne, your comments are the wisest and most enlightened and hopeful I have heard or read regarding what’s happening in Israel and Gaza. I’m so deeply grateful for you and how you give so much to so many. This is truly inspired and inspiring, and is leading me to share this in ripples to others. Thank you.

    • DeAnne says:

      Love to you Kathleen,
      So grateful you are in my world ~ your support, presence and light are invaluable to me. 🙏🏽🌎💙

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