On Love


Love, how She speaks to me, all the time, everywhere
It is so easy to be caught up in and distracted by gloom and unchecked moments
and then THIS!
Love is not flashy gestures and commercial celebrations
Often subtle, sometimes illusive, but EVER present with us, for us, through us ~
Love IS.
It is with you in your bad days, in your sorrow, in your confusion and emptiness
It is with you when you RISE and feel victorious, find your strength and share a smile
When you know you are loved and when you least expect to find love… it is there.
Never doubt the agency of LOVE. Love sees you. Love carries you and always will.
It’s messages and signs are everywhere.
It’s voice is on the wind.
It’s warmth is in your breath.
Love is always with you.
You are its most precious legacy.
Pay Attention.
Celebrate the wonder of it.
And remember, Love Always Wins.


Happy Valentines Day 2024!



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4 comments on “On Love
  1. Beautiful poem! Happy Valentines Day I love you DeAnne⛓️❤️‍🩹

  2. Joanna says:

    Such a beautiful poem to share on Valentines Day ❤️ I love the picture of the beautiful Eagle too, a beautiful sign of strength, love and courage.

    • DeAnne says:

      Yes! You may not be aware if you are not on my social media Joanna – but this eagle inspired the poem. I had an encounter with this magical creature – VERY up close – and was just speechless how to respond. Hence, this simple expression of gratitude and the SCOPE of Love. ❣️

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