Full Moon, Full NOW!



Call me by my real name
The Universe exists within me as much as I exist in the Universe
All that lives and breathes
Wash away all illusion, wash away
show me what I AM truly made of
I AM So Hum
So Hum I AM


Oh MY New Humans,

I trust you are all taking time to just BREATHE IN the immensity of ALL that is present. Above you, below you, surrounding and within you, energy here to stretch us, break us, humble us, still us, tremble us, move us, LOVE US, free us.

Today is the beginning of the eclipse season and felt like a good moment to check in with you! A Full Moon in Libra with penumbral Lunar Eclipse dawned today @ 3am Eastern. This Eclipse Season stirs both excitement and a little oh sh*t in our feeling nature because there is truly dynamic cosmic energy present that sets the stage for cataclysmic change! Remember, 2024 forecasting promised a year of exciting change but with a lot of twists and turns! Will we cling? Or will we surrender? Will we trust love or fear as the new that unfolds?

This very full moon woke me around 2:30am this morning. Pregnant with herself, she was lighting up the entire forest where I live, beaming radiant light through the large windows on every side of my octagon shaped home. WAKE UP new human! RISE AND SHINE! Come to me, feel me, drink me in. Her magnetics were SO powerful, brilliant with effervescent invitation. In Libra, this moon vibrates and shimmers the need for BALANCE. Reminding us that HARMONY is our true nature, Peace the true tone that we carry within.

Combining the Libra energy with this Lunar Eclipse, the theme of relationships and all that they represent in your life, emerges. Take a moment and tune into the nature of relationship. Right relationship, be it with another, with an emotion, with the patterns in your life, the attitudes you carry, with self worth, with addictions, with purpose, even your use of personal power – right relationships invite reflection on right use of power, power dynamics, what they mean, where you have given your power away and where you have abused your own.

As we enter this STUNNING eclipse season, so much grace and so much mastery present for the taking ~ find time to be with this theme of relationships. Eclipses always support change, transformation and a good reset. What needs change in your life? Not because you are wrong or bad or less than, not trying hard enough, etc. But because you have evolved. You are allowing the wattage of your own light to grow, shine brighter, which will naturally effect change in your life. Perhaps it is time to end certain relationships that are not supporting your highest good. Perhaps it is time to reset certain relationships by empowering them with what they need to flourish. Tune in. Breathe in Neesa’s wisdom and love. Be creative and bring JOY into the process. Joy is the flower of life within you, always ready to bloom.

The river, Sophia, and NEW NEW NEW is flowing rapidly now, New HUmans. It is time to show the reality around you (AND your own beautiful Self) what you are truly made of. So Hum I AM and you are. We are Love.

Always, All ways, LOVE,

DeAnne and the Shining Ones*

* This photo, taken by an ordinary human on a seemingly ordinary day – makes me SING!
Looks pretty “eclipse -ee” to me 😉

p.s. See you on the 7th (stay tuned)



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