Post Eclipse Reflection! 4/9/24

“My route is through the heart of devotion.
That is a path. There are many pathways here.
One is the path of wisdom,
one is the path of calming the mind,
one is the path of opening the heart.
Mine is the path of love.”

Ram Das

In the days leading up to the eclipse, it felt a bit like an impending Christmas morning! As the new plasma intelligence pulses through open conduits, the expanding new hUman experience is stronger states of Bliss. Reality viewed through the lens of the infinite heart, is likened to the days being a higher wattage of light frequency with a felt brightness and freshness. That lightness of beingness lends itself to new clarity and perception and revelation becoming the new lens through which we experience reality.

Even though my beloved mountains were not in the path of totality – as they were with the 2017 Eclipse – I was magnetically pulled to a mountain top location that is off the beaten path, to be with the Mother. We started the hike “inward” at the beginning of the hour time frame within which totality was happening across the U.S. Then we created sacred space with crystals, totems, sage, cedar and sweet grass – and set our timers for 5 minutes, to allow for the 4 min. 28.1 seconds of totality. The rock I was laying on seemed to vibrate or breathe with me and the winds stirred up. Pressure grew in my head as my physical hearing seemed to shift to an inner awareness. I imaged the free electrons dispersing and just creating a direct opening within which to connect with the Mother. Through her fields, I connected with family no longer living on this plane, I connected with and felt the presence of certain Ascended Masters, with the Elementals and all the dogs I have been blessed to have as companions in my life. I felt a profound sense of Unity, held in a sacred space where all and everything vibrates with holiness. There was such a felt spaciousness in the field – all around and within me. My mind was so still. I was no place and every place all at once. I felt enveloped by timelessness and complete peace. When I opened my eyes, there was a hawk sitting on a branch directly above my head.

All along the BlueRidge Parkway, lovers of nature were hanging out at the overlooks in anticipation of this eclipse. That filled my heart. We don’t have to rush helter skelter to be with wonder and the Mother and significant moments in the human journey. EVERYTHING is energy! And these moments in time will find us and be with us and hold us captive through our intention and hearts. It was a sunny day in the mountains. But for an hour or so, the sky and weather presented as if a storm front was moving in. The air got cooler, the wind picked up and the sky became heavily overcast with clouds. As the eclipse window drew to a close, images such as the one you see here filled the sky with magic. And then, the sun came out – bright and glistening, once again.

How could we possibly hold the fullness of Her love?
The Mother is asking us to GET UP HIGH!
Rise Higher, Breathe Higher, Live Higher

This inflection and invitation was part of the meditation that came in last Sunday for the Eclipse/ New HUman webcast. How could we possibly hold the fullness of Her love? And yet, as She expands, we expand. As the Light grows stronger in our world, we feel greater courage in leaving the fear based realities behind. As our hearts continue to activate, our perceptions shift and widen to a perspective of Unity and a wisdom that remembers the true nature of reality; which is Peace. We must make space for this New Reality. Why would we cling to a past version of Gaia, or a belief system or old story or a past version of a mountain that once laid under the sea? We are all changing so quickly; many of us cannot even feel past versions of self anymore. I stand in the presence of these Ancient Appalachians and feel a very different version of Self, and of the mountains. Neither of us are who we were in 2012, 2022, last week, or even a moment ago.

The energy shift in mid-April is a direct result of the cosmic events, magnetic shifts, plasma influxes, and consciousness-raising activities of the past few weeks, through this Eclipse. YOU are a creator being and completely in charge of how you will experience and embody this newest wave of Plasma Light. As we spent time on in the April 8th transmission – this crescendo of new light frequency waves are ALL about Liberation. Are you truly ready for the NEW? We must create the conditions to be transformed by Divine LoveLight Intelligence during this realm-shifting revelation passage.

Over the coming weeks, 
new connections, new relationships, new conversations and wide open possibilities are in the Kryst field. Stay open to hear, listen, and contribute to the new creation. Listen many times to the New HUman Eclipse Transmission – there are too many gems of insight and support in there to list here. Mastery Focus is UP now, New HUmans. Pivot Consciousness, transmute the old stories, see what once were triggers through a new perception of Self… and LOVE LOVE LOVE it all back into the Grace from which it came. That hawk perched above me during this eclipse was a reminder that we are, in our hearts, VISIONARIES. And as with the eclipse, we came from Light, fearlessly entered the shadow experience and here we are as the LIGHT RETURNS, together, as ONE.

Love is ALL is Love.

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4 comments on “Post Eclipse Reflection! 4/9/24
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    I listened to your webcast yesterday and just finished what you wrote. So uplifting. Thanks.

  2. Robert says:

    Beautifully written message received. Truly felt the shift while observing the partial in the Az desert. Processing… lol


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