Summer Soulstice In The Mountains!


Namaste’ New HUmans,

Gratitude for TODAY! Such a powerful container of Unity and support for today’s Energy Update! Keeping with the momentum of this portal day, 5/5, it felt like the perfect day to launch the Summer SOULstice Gateway experience. Find some peaceful and expansive space to tune into the attached flyer, to see if you feel called. I already have a sense of “who” is coming, vibrationally, within the context of both personal and collective journeys at this time. I “see and feel” you. As we explored in today’s webcast – we are on the run up to the stargate of our individual and collective ascension! It is a magical, intense and greatly accelerating time in anchoring a New Reality into new and expansive experiences of be human.

Deadline for registration is June 1st!
There are payment options available if needed.
Follow the YES. It is a joyous NOW, held in a quantum LOVE.

Summer Solstice Restoration and Renewal
Summer Solstice 2024 PDF

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