Flying Kites, Finding Joy

We had a wonderful outing this week to Max Patch Mountain. One “new human” was visiting from MA and two more have recently moved here… so it seemed a good day to go on an adventure. On the way home, the Mary Poppins song about flying kites was dancing around in my head and I found myself feeling the similarities between the experience of a kite and the journey you and I are on at this time in human history.

Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height, let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring~
up to the atmosphere, up where the air is clear – oh let’s go fly a kite.

There is a new energy on the planet now, a new frequency of light calling us up above the density here… it is a new atmosphere and yes, the air is clearer as we vibrate nearer and nearer to our Authentic Self and higher destinies on the earth plane. It is up to each individual to work with, elevate and keep your energy and consciousness vibrating above what is dense and unchanging, riding with the new frequencies, residing in the new atmosphere as much as possible. Like the stages of metamorphosis, the germination cycle of a seed or the annual seasons, the very core of human nature is change and the heart of the human spirit is rejuvenation, renewal and rebirth.

It was a simple outing filled with simple joys and yet, deeper remembrances stir…

“when you are sent flying up there – all the sudden you are lighter than air – you can have your own set of wings, you are a bird in flight, with your feet on the ground – hold on tight and then dance dance dance on the breeze.”

There is an invitation extended to humanity, it is strong and vast and inexplicably wise – a choice to remain in the safe cocoon of our limited expressions or to set ourselves free – step into the new atmosphere and trust what is unfolding for individual and our world. “Let’s go fly a kite”… I’m ALL in – how about you? xo


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  1. Dolphinsmile says:

    I have a new Mantra, Mary Poppins! I read this name and I was over come with 5 minutes of pure JOY vibrating thru my body. Laughter is the best medicine! As Burt’s uncle could not stop laughing and floated higher and higher. Time to connect with your inner child. Remember to have fun and play. I bought some of Burts magical sidewalk chalk to let your imagination loose. Draw your dreams! I brought some bubbles for each of us. My secret is to imagine the word Love, Peace or Joy in each group of bubbles and sent it out to the univerise. I leave each of you a great big smile, now pass it on!!!Love and Light! Greg Schroeder

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