websitephotoGratitude for the many of you who came and shared your essence and love in the webcast yesterday! There was a lot of response to the peace and knowingness that permeated throughout the transmission and filled the inner being. Calm, stillness, quietude, nothingness – when one can just sit with the moment and have the mind be still… this is the remembrance of our truest nature. And when we can maintain that peace and carry it with us into our lives and experiences, relations and challenges – we help to restore order and balance to this beautiful planet we call home.

I love that so many of you appreciated and found value in the meditation (thank the Shining Ones ;))  – every aspect from the visual to the music – even that we took our awareness to the right when visualizing the distant mountain and structure… all work together in balancing the masculine and feminine within so as to create more space for the Soul to integrate into the physical vessel.

Beautiful, beautiful times with so much support, unity, love, guidance and grace here with us now. May we all know a full measure of these gifts within us – now and in the times to come.

In Peace,

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