Gaia’s Tuning Fork

Now that we have the holiday weekend behind us, we can begin to really focus and tune into the energies and possibilities of July. In the current New Human webcast that aired on the 29th, I talked at length about what we can expect in July, so be sure and catch the archive of that transmission when you can. Basically, July’s invitation and potential for those moving into greater trust and undefined spaces in their spiritual journey is likened to the experience of rounding a corner. Contemplate that energetic for a moment. You are humming along, everything right in plain view. This is actually the way the egoic mind and consciousness prefer reality – there is a feeling of control when all the variables can be seen, right? But July has some very real turning point energy dynamics in it. So, again, it would be a good exercise to tune into how you approach sharp curves that suddenly appear – corners that you cannot see around before the fact. Are you able to just relax into the moment and feel excitement at the unknown of the experience? Or is there a bit of holding your breath and perhaps some gripping, tightening, clinging going on in anticipation of that sudden curve in the road just ahead? The one thing you can count on now is that life as you know it will become more and more unpredictable and filled with the unexpected. Your Soul rejoices with that awareness – how about your personality aspect? 🙂 As you trust yourself and the experience you are having, truly trust it as overseen by the intelligence of Love – July will be a cascade of revelations and realizations relating to your relationship with your Self and the ever shapeshifting reality around you!

Going deeper still into the metaphor and imagery attuning to the energies of July, the sharp, almost hair pin curve we will be passing through energetically this month veers very strongly to the left. And what that reflects is that there will be personal and global events – ie opportunities – in July, for a stronger and clearer connection with the non-physical realms and intelligences, lots of opportunities to embrace and live more fully in the heart. And equally so, we will see amplified scenarios of chaos and unrest where the ego is driving the energy. July will bear evidence of more dismantling of ego structures, of pride, entitlement, arrogance and domination within systems and institutions in the greater world, as well as, plans and ideals we are set on in our personal realities. You will see this glaringly so within politics, government structures and the financial world, increasingly so.

Remember, the Guidance began coming through in the March transmissions of this New Consciousness Paradigm – that this year is about integration  – a merging together of our current consciousness and identity aspect with our Soul. And the Soul is pretty magnificent so there will be a lot of clearing, letting go of and getting out of the way, as our lives and beliefs and perceptions are reordered so to speak around a new set of ideals, needs, desires and initiatives. We can no longer think in isolation with agendas of a personal nature – the consciousness moving us forward into a very new and different future is that of UNITY. You will find a new clarity in the guidance you receive, new levels of support and abundance and community – as you view your personal needs and desires within the greater context of a global family and reality. That is the foundation being laid in July – and much will be built upon it that I will continue to shine light on in the coming webcasts on DeAnne Live.20140705_140938

I have been fascinated by a tree that is on one of many different cycling routes I have around Asheville. One ride takes me from the city into the valley of Swannanoa and on into Black Mountain. There is a tree – a tree I never saw before this last month or so – though I have ridden these valleys for years. When it first got my attention, it did so not visually, but vibrationally! It was as if someone gently tapped me on the shoulder, “hello, pay attention, look over here” … turning my awareness to this amazing tree. It looks just like a 20140705_141014 GIANT tuning fork, reaching toward the heavens, yet very much anchored to the earth plane. In the center of the tree – its heart, is a splash of lichen color and shading that looks and feels just like a heart. You can also feel a lot of goddess, feminine and even angelic presence, as well. This whole event – and this tree is an event – is an artistry of harmonic, tone, energy and light so much more profound than can be captured visually.20140705_141122 But I was finally guided to STOP and take a snapshot of the tree, to share as a support for the consciousness pivot underway right now. We must move into new atmospheres of consciousness, energy and evolutionary choice for our planet and world. There is a shifting infrastructure underway – the old foundations we have grown accustomed to and rely upon will continue to dismantle and come undone. We have an opportunity to SEE WHAT IS COMING CLEARLY -with a different kind of site – and change our current course, moving more and more into heart consciousness, simplifying our lives, getting rid of the “noise” that distracts us from the true sounds of nature; from the purpose of our True Self.

July has an entirely new set of harmonics that will not be audible to ego structures – but are here now to serve as the beginning of new foundations in the work we do, the relationships we have with Self, each other, our health and the material world. In the coming days and weeks, imagine attuning to, hearing and trusting the sound emanating from the galaxy and within our Earth right now, listen for these harmonics and tones because they will inform you much differently than the conditioned, fearful and reactive mind. You will have many opportunities this month to make new, different and empowered choices that will deepen your trust in your Self and Existence. That, and change the course of your life in very profound and lasting ways. Do not fear the unknown because as soon as you step into it – you will remember and know exactly what to do. And there will be a lot of joy, lots of support, community and shared responsibility. Remember to put all of your mind and effort and heart on what you are creating and not on what is breaking down and falling away from you. There is a greater consciousness moving to the helm of the way we have ordered our lives. Be flexible and flowing in all you do and July will show you much new about yourself and the world around you. ~~~~


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4 comments on “Gaia’s Tuning Fork
  1. OMFeet says:

    When you wrote about the changes coming where heart is taking over…it has happened to me in an unusual way today. I’ve grown up with a not so healthy diet, although it has gotten better in the past few years. Today I started the Liver detox. I really did it! The old me would have said no, this stuff smells bad. In fact, about a year ago I bought the detox kit and returned it, cause it smelled bad and I didn’t want to be drinking something I couldn’t stand smelling.

    So, at the grocery store this morning I gathered all the fruit needed, garlic (I’ve never used garlic before), & bought a smaller juicer. It never occurred to me, as I was creating the flush drink to stop. The mind never said, Whoa…don’t drink that stuff! When in all honesty the flush drink was good.

    Then it was time for the detox tea. Again, all was quiet in the mind. And again, I really like the tea!

    Would I be ok not eating my Cliff Bars this week? You know, I’m so filled up on liquids at the moment I don’t care to eat any food.

    All is very still in the mind, and I love this! I know I am truly supported, cause I really made it a point early this morning as I sat quietly to watch the sun brighten the sky, thank you for supporting me……feel the love!


    • DeAnne says:

      This makes me SO happy – this is the next level for you that I have been tugging you toward. If you remember in the current webcast I talked a bit about “rigid” behavior and how fixated in routines and beliefs and habits the conscious thinking mind gets – at the expense of being able to tune in and truly make a connection with what the body needs and desires. In working with a lot of the Walk Pathers such as yourself – the Shining Ones have been giving me the phrase – “dislodge rigidness” -and understand that they communicate through energy – so I feel the energy of what they’re are saying and can then feel your energy field, for example, in relation to mine. Rigid behavior is of course mental and emotional – it is what keeps the lower self matrix (cindy aspect) locked into behaviors and patterns that hold your vibration down. See – the egoic self doesn’t WANT to change or give up its orientation in 3D – so it justifies all the way to the moon and back habits that allow it to remain dense, rigid and thus in control. Yet it cannot be underestimated how incredibly important diet is to the quickening of the light-body – and how intimately your personal frequency and consciousness level are. As you assimilate and integrate higher light frequency in the body ( and diet is key) the more your consciousness expands and you see EVERYTHING differently and attract a much different experience of reality.

      SO this is AWESOME – so happy for you – your mind will find new clarity and begin reaching for, desiring, wanting new things that feed the CELLS and your JOY!! You “get it” right – that the way the detox smells to you is because of where your mind is vibrating NOT because of the drink itself. Just like the fresh juice I shared with you when you were here that you could only take tiny sips because it was so potent and alive! And just like the DNA soundscapes, as well – your experience is YOUR experience based on where you are vibrating. i.e. – rigidness versus flow and allowing and experiencing life as it truly IS versus what the mind perceives and judges!!

      I am very proud of you – this is a huge opening for you! Sometimes a door can be right in front of you – but until you are ready to walk through it you don’t see it. Clearly you are ready to bump up in your vibrational capacity! I cannot WAIT to see what is next! 🙂 xo

      • OMFeet says:

        Big hugs!! Joy, Joy.
        Had a dream last night that I was at the airport with my luggage, and Keith was there. We were standing waiting with others and then I handed my carry on to someone who was I thought, going to load it for me somewhere….I dunno. The thing was my carry on disappeared and I was upset, cause everything that was me was in there. So when I woke up the thought was: I’ve just lost my identity…the old me.

        • DeAnne says:

          well I take it by the Joy Joy at the beginning that this dream felt good! 🙂 I really must talk with you about handing your bags to strangers tho -lol Love you Cindy – thanks for sharing your dream! xo

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