New Human Affirmation


There is a young girl that works at the Co-op whom I see often. Of course, lots of people work at the Co-op but there always seems to be a synergy, a shimmer of energy between the two of us. Her smile gets bigger when I step up to the register and we always have some engaging, in the moment small talk to exchange.

This little scenario of familiarity and connection has gone on for a couple of months now. Yesterday, for the first time, she asked me what I “did” – just direct and to the point – sincere and unassuming. The small talk phase now complete – her radiant Self, true being reached out for a deeper connection with the greater truth, in me. It was a magical explosion of light and joy – I actually thought she might come right over the counter with her embrace. “I KNEW I liked you”, she began enthusiastically – “I KNEW there was something about you and that we had a lot in common.” This was the response to my sharing just a few sentences about my work, intention and service in the world.

Fortunately, as all aligned encounters magically seem to support the experience at hand, she was able to step away from her duties at the moment so we could have a deeper experience. She asked me if I could give her an affirmation for the new job and direction she was about to embark upon. I asked her a few things about this new direction, intuitively checking in to see if it was, indeed, aligned with her heart and her joy. There was a test involved that she had already taken once and failed – yet she was clear and certain about what she wanted to do and there was light around her mastering the 3D details between where she was now and where she wanted to be. So I said, SURE, I am happy to come up with an affirmation for you.

Thinking that I would leave and bring one to her the next time I saw her – no sooner did I walk out the door of the Coop and into the sunshine  –  did the Shining Ones fill me with the affirmation you see here. Effortless, clear, centered and so strong with energy that I could feel clearing the path ahead. This was not just an affirmation for AJ, (though I did take it right back into her :)) this is an affirmation for us all – for this time and the intention emerging from the hearts of those awakening. It is an honor and joy to share it with you.

Reality is indeed, waking up, right before our eyes and in the midst of our routine busyness. Everywhere, all around, people are looking for connection, some not even aware they are looking – but looking to make contact with a reflection of what is true, a mirror for the seed of remembrance germinating within. Pay attention, notice and embrace the opportunities you have to be a light on the path of someone’s remembrance today and in the moments and times to come. It is why we are here – gathering the many back in, once again, to Unity, connectivity and tireless expressions of LOVE.


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  1. OMFeet says:

    <3 beautiful story, another New Human has returned to the tribe 😉

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