New Light

20140724_131803We are the humanity of a New Sun, an ascending tribe choosing to take the body along for the experience, with a completely different energy and collective to work within. That is the highest truth and probability for the humans on Earth at this time. In the old Light, beings had the time and circumstances to disappear into a mountain side in the Himalayas or sequester into Mystery schools for intense periods of initiation. But guess what, our initiations and the demands of intense energetics are woven into LIFE, everyday life and we’re ascending in full view of the collective. By choice!

This weekend is but another new light calibration and there is a new webcast today, purposefully so, in support of the profound teachings, new information and changing relationship to this Light around and within us. The movement, the deepening and divine merge underway is all about unification… the return to Unity, allowing and accepting what was created in the old Light even while attuning our minds and hearts to a very new dispensation of remembrance around why we chose to be on this planet at this time.

So, lots of guidance from the Shining Ones, a guided visualization resetting the orientation of our brain from the mind to the heart and just a beautiful stream of frequency and Light codes directing us to the New Sun. I don’t know about you, but I cannot NOT look at and take pictures of and smile at this New Light, New Sun, new possibility and invitation being extended. Drink it in, take it into your heart, welcome the mystery of it even while understanding that you are the heart and treasure of that mystery.

The New Human on DeAnne Live  – TODAY! July 26th @ 2pm Eastern

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