Christ Consciousness and a New Earth

DeAnne Hampton SymbolThe New Human material came through in 2007, in response to and a companion energetic to Eckhart Tolles The New Earth. During this time and before the book was actually published, the Shining Ones kept showing me a symbol that represented the content and consciousness of the energy the book was to convey. I was tasked with somehow getting the light, radiance really of the image they impressed upon my higher mind into form – the result of which you see here.

The outcome of that endeavor is the frequency, vibrational tone and harmonic of this symbol of a New Human Paradigm . The message conveyed energetically here is, Christ Consciousness, Heart Consciousness, a New Sun and the Earth residing in a new Light in the Cosmos. Notice the colors of the heart reflect the beautiful blue green hue of our planet, the bright radiance of a sun centered within the intention of love and Christ Light… all superimposed on a reflection of the mystery that is the greater Universe.

I did a whole show around this image and the importance of meditating on it, taking it into the deepening and awakening of the human heart at this time. You will also find a black and white energetic of the symbol in the opening of the Shining Ones, Ambassadors of A New Age Of Light, purposefully so. I encourage you to take advantage of the 100’s of hours of New Earth, New Human transmissions in the archives here on DeAnne Live. They are a rich resource and treasure walking the individual and collective alike through the advance of the Light on planet Earth from 2008, when The New Human was published, through this incredibly profound and blessed NOW moment.

Everything you need is here now, everything you are is being lifted to a new resonance and octave of being on behalf of a world awakening to itself, awakening to LOVE, awakening to new expression and power and purpose. Keep moving forward into spaces that see you clearly and within which you are able to think and express yourself clearly, with joy and the Consciousness of Unity. Trust your feelings, take responsibility for your emotions and thoughts and embrace the sense of community, cooperation, compassion and creative freedom that is the truest expression of being human on a transforming planet.


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5 comments on “Christ Consciousness and a New Earth
  1. OMFeet says:

    Everything about this is beautiful!

  2. JeffL says:

    Thank you for todays missive. What a perfect reflection for me now, to remember. Sometimes those spaces aren’t so clear to step into and I need a little guidance 😉

  3. Dolphinsmile says:

    What energy from this picture! It is really vibrating. I added this picture as my computers back ground picture. It calls to me. Greg

  4. DeAnne says:

    Thank you Cindy, Greg and Jeff for taking the time to share and connect! Screen saver is an AWESOME idea Greg and happy to hold the light high for you Jeff – we are always connected – you are never alone and I am sure you are navigating the new much better than you realize! Trust that

  5. Karen says:

    I adore this picture & it speaks to me of our PERFECTION. I have been doodling/drawing a similar picture for many years to get me out of my mind and into my heart and the blue/green rays of love/light are my RAYS that I resonate with so deeply…..thank you again and again xxxx

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