Portals of Opportunity

photo copyThere are so many gateways and magnified shift points happening on a regular basis it is hard to keep UP! But here comes another August 4-12, a window to really clear, infuse your passion and feel the excitement for this Light and the wondrous gifts it has for us all? What will this New Light be illumining in your world and showing you for your highest good at this time? Be sure and stayed tuned for the next New Human webcast for deeper insight into these new energies…

*** gratitude to New Human Cindy (omfeet) for the beautiful photo in this meme! 😉

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3 comments on “Portals of Opportunity
  1. Karen says:

    May I BE open
    May I BE clear
    to receive the bountiful blessings/gifts of this New LightLovePeaceJoy abundant energies……
    I AM truly blessed & truly grateful (((((((+)))))))

  2. Karen says:

    Shining Ones, may I BE forgiven & BE healed of all past pain & trauma so that I may fully integrate these New Rays of Light/Love & live a NEW LIFE, filled with passionate zeal to LOVE, SERVE & REMEMBER….thank you, I love you <3

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