Ultimate Power

image(3) copyThis is a quote from the Shining Ones book and yet WOW! is it a powerful dynamic of remembrance for this moment of profound reset and change. We are in the process of reclaiming our lives, owning our experiences and allowing the greater truth of who we are in each moment… which is to understand the mirror between the illusion outside of us and the shadow within. To do so is to celebrate and be empowered by the new level of choice we have – conscious choice – to bring light and the transparency of love into each moment, transforming the misunderstanding to a new perception and wisdom. As relentless and daunting as this now is for humanity, we all volunteered for this experiment knowing we were capable of evolving the Earth and our Selves to a new level of Existence. Meditate on that awareness, hold it in your heart and breathe deeply into the expansion of your heart’s consciousness and the very new spaces of frequency and light within you.

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4 comments on “Ultimate Power
  1. Karen says:

    Depression – I see you & I feel your pain….I love you, I love you, I love you. You are free; I AM free……..Blessed BE (((((((+)))))))

  2. Karen says:

    RIP RW <3

  3. Mel Bromberg says:

    Went to my monthly Full Moon’s Women Circle last evening and same themes as above emerged. Balance, healing, freedom, self- centering and power to consciously choose Light and Love over illusion/shadow and non-harmonic alignment. These three (3) Super Moons ( July, August, September) are indeed powerful energy transducers and aligners for humanity.
    YES– to the journey and remembrances that we are all now free to choose– and then create our own paths and destinies. YES– to experiencing more through inner knowing. YES– to loving ourselves more each day– and in doing so loving all of Earth’s humanity and environment.
    And so it is.

  4. Karen says:

    Got your email DeAnne…..thank you/I love you too!
    I will try & clarify my posting here & the relevance it had to your post & hopefully then have some meaning and connection to/for our tribe.
    I have been riding the waves of emotional turmoil/darkness (the reset) these past few weeks(months/years…lol). Robin William’s (RW) suicide & addiction to alcohol was all over the news here in Australia & on Facebook postings. It was very sad & poignant to hear of his passing, but I related to it much more deeply, ie that as ONE, I too (& how many million others) have/are struggling with depression & addiction…….and I have struggled soooooo much in accepting (not judging myself or others) this part of myself as being okay. I expressed this as above, in my post, I suppose, in a very personal fashion & can now see that you or others would not understand the intent of transformation that these words gave me…..in future I will try to be more mindful of this. I felt that Robin William’s life of outwardedly appearing happy & “normal” but inwardly feeling intense unhappiness & fear of self & thus “not normal” is the dilemma of this 3D world and I felt for me/us that his suicide awakened and thus freed me/us from my/our judgements of our misconceptions that we are not perfect as we are…..right here, right NOW. I was retuning, recalibrating, remembering, realigning to TRUTH, to LOVE (of self) via this mirror before me…..HOW BLAZING AMAZING IS THAT!!!! and your post/the words of the Shining Ones activated that realization in me!!!! HOW WONDROUS IS THE BEING OF ONENESS!!!! and that LOVE is the ANSWER/HEALER to every crappy thing/event/situation/feeling…..that is going on right here, right NOW.
    De Anne, if I am not getting it – hearing/feeling/knowing from my heart to your heart, then please, I ask the Shining Ones for guidance and enlightenment to hear and speak from my Heart Centre, my TRUE SELF, my ONE LIGHT OF BEing……….
    Much Love***Light
    PS. Has not suicide been the (religious) collective consciousness to be thought of as a hideous crime & that our souls will be forever damned to hell….blah blah blah…..
    Because Robin Williams was so loved for his humour & revered for his celebrity status, just maybe he will not be thought of as being a wounded soul, nor a weak & pathetic human being, but a Soul, brave & courageous & beautiful, who warrants & deserves God’s/Our Compassion, Grace & Mercy……and doesn’t the world need that sooooooo much right here right NOW! I choose to see this event (and all events that are are reported globally)as a True Manifestation of a change of heart, the shift towards 5D multidimensional ONENESS….. hallelujah…..indeed…………
    SO BE IT xxx

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