Rooted In Strength

There is a tree I have been in love with since the first day I saw it – it is positioned right smack in the middle of the Cascading Falls Vortex. Besides just being spectacular in size and the fact its trunk divides into 3 separate trees with moss coating and a canopy of leaves that seemingly fill the sky – this magnificent tree being is growing in and out of massive rock structures – in the middle of a mountain stream. It just owns the whole area! It even has a “merlin’s eye” positioned about half way up!

I think about those roots, ponder the sense of self, the feeling nature of those roots. This tree reflects a being that has found a place to be, NOT where expected or in typical environment. It grew where it wanted to, put down roots and established a place here on the earth plane, fearless and free of any perceived limitations. It kinda reminds me of the old adage, “home is where you are.”

Instead of looking for and finding a place where we fit in and the rules are already established… why not seek environments where we can really stand out, create our own tenets to live by and put our roots into the soil of our unique and limitless Soul? Definitely something to ponder as you gaze upon this simple expression of a really magnificent vibrational world. And, if you fall in love with it as I did years ago, consider coming to the mountains and I will take you there personally. This tree being and I promise you a nature experience you won’t soon forget!!

Dig deep into the heart of your being and grow strong in the soil of your true nature!

THAT is your New Human affirmation today!

To LIFE! DeAnne, the tree being and the Shining Ones!


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5 comments on “Rooted In Strength
  1. OMFeet says:

    Your tree has many cousins here, they are so magnificent! They fill me with such joy and Light!

  2. says:

    As a desert dweller I appreciate experiencing this tree amidst the water and rocks. So beautiful ~ thank you for sharing. I am restored in the presence of beauty wherever I find myself.

  3. says:

    And thank you for this affirmation I take it to heart and say:

    As I dig deep into the heart of my being I grow strong in
    the soil of my true divine nature.

    Much love,

  4. DeAnne says:

    xoxoxo so happy to share this reflection of nature with you Kathleen! I think you have a pretty great affirmation there yourself! “I am restored in the presence of beauty wherever I find myself.” Amen to that! hugs~

  5. Karen says:

    Thank you for that new affirmation that aligns me with the beauty of Mother Divine. One of my own favourite affirmations is
    I allow my magnificence to BE
    I AM that I AM
    As a tree
    I love affirming my life as a tree, I really do then get a sense of Her/my power & strength…Blessings for LIFE (((((((+)))))))

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