image(1)Never before has it been more important to know your Self and become the Master of your destiny. We have reached critical mass as a species, our beloved planet has carried us as far as she is willing and able without irreparable damage to the living system that she is. And so we stand now at the precipice of a greater choice, a greater possibility and a greater love for this planet, our human family and the infinite God we carry within.

Everything is here now, we have awakened and embodied enough of the spiritual truths to begin living those truths and using our power in new and effective ways that reflect a consciousness and devotion answering to a very different wisdom and future. I trust that if you are reading these words and connected to the remembrance you feel here that you are waking up each day to a different expression of you! YOU are the one in charge now, of your life, of your beliefs and perceptions, the light you share with others and the love you are here to represent. Interact with your day as if everything is different, talk to the non-physical presence that is with you and move forward with steps that reflect community, co-creation, sustainability, love of the earth, love of self, delight in the world around you and intentions to manifest beautiful living. The path before you is well lit if you are walking it with your heart and allowing the Santi of your Soul: peace within and without.

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2 comments on “Santi
  1. Karen says:

    I love you my Soul Self….welcome, welcome, welcome into my heart and into my life. May we travel down the path of HOPE, NOW empowered & fully surrendered to co-create a New Way of living on a New Earth. Basking & bathing in the Divine Feminine rainbow rays of LIGHT&LOVE….Blessed BE (((((((+)))))))

  2. says:

    As I greet my divine essence each morning I welcome you as you are with me today so that I may know my place in time, that I may see clearly the simplicity of being true to my nature as I fully inhabit my body in this moment and create a world of peace emanating from the radiant center of my being.

    Thank you Karen it is so good to hear you speak your beauty inspiring others to speak their’s. I am glad to be able to meet here in this beautiful space that DeAnne has created for us. With gratitude abounding, Kathleen

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