Hello You Beautiful Thing!

Good Morning Shining Ones~

If you haven’t yet discovered Jason Mraz’s new album YES! let me be the first to introduce you to it with this great song! Really listen to the words and recognize the reality and possibility of a day that exists beyond the endless distractions of the mind. There is a part of you that cannot WAIT to jump out of bed each morning and greet the day with the enthusiasm and wonder of a child… and that aspect of awakening you grows each time the sun comes up! Find yourself a pair of purple striped socks and dance across the kitchen floor as you greet the sun with your joy and dreams of a fully inhabited, creatively inspired, happy in love with it all life you call your own! Remember – Life is a waking dream and what you have been wishing for is happening – right now – in this moment! xo

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2 comments on “Hello You Beautiful Thing!
  1. OMFeet says:

    Make it a great day New Humans! This is what we’ve been waiting for, you beautiful thing!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Lovely! I am smiling here, can’t wait to share this with my family.

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