A New Story Of Humanity

12.3.12-Will-Work-for-FoodWhat do you want??? The expanded aspect of your Highest Light, here with you now, in this moment, EVER deepening? As I talk with individuals within the Walk the Path of Light Program… this seems to be THE Evolutionary question of the moment. And what I often reflect back to them is that to answer the question, “what do I truly want…. is to ask, how can I love my Self, more?”

The experience of love IN the world is the experience of love through you~ and you are ever expressing to the reality and greater existence around you who you want to be – by the consciousness you engage IN EACH MOMENT!

This humanity and you within it is evolving from a Consciousness of Separation to one of Unity – from Ego Consciousness to Christ Consciousness. What does that mean? How does that look in your everyday world? Because evolution is a Process that happens through each person consciously engaging the moment with Presence versus pattern and an awareness of a Self that is greater than your story.

Ego is its own Consciousness. It is a conditioned groove of recycled experience and thought forms…. when you are in your Egoic aspect, you will feel dense, clueless, cut off from, in judgement of self and the reality around you, ill at ease as one who stands outside of the separation, looking in.

When you are in Christ Consciousness, you see the energy of what is old and without center in others and in the shapeshifting landscape of the world of form, but judge it not. For the Consciousness of 5th World Emerging is the Light of a New Intelligence through you, ONE that understands there is no separation, only fragments of your own lower consciousness and energy.

The frequency of LOVE through you in present moment awareness is you making conscious choices to take care of the body, to make decisions based in love versus obligation, judgement or fear. When you are IN Christ Consciousness and the energy of the new human templates of a new earth now manifesting – you are extending, vibrating, radiating the true nature of your Authentic Self: Love, Peace, Harmony, Creativity, Unity, Compassion, Joy, Abundance and Empowered Purpose.

There is only this moment – it is both teachable and fully endowed, on behalf of Love. Ask yourself often, am I vibrating with the consciousness of separation – hooking my pure essence IN THIS MOMENT into the old groove of Ego Consciousness now dismantling? Or am I standing beneath the beam of my own Radiant Light, vibrating with the new energies of 5th World, empowering this moment with the Consciousness of the Christ Light? MY CHRIST LIGHT?

Today, I was sitting at an intersection, about 5 cars back from the Light… and I saw a young man in his twenties, standing on the corner, holding a sign… WILL WORK FOR FOOD. “Homeless” people are certainly not new to the shapeshifting scenarios of the times we live in – – – but how we respond to them, as with all life, is ripe with the spaciousness for a new energetic to enter in.

And so, just as the traffic began to move I felt this strong passion of a greater energetic run through me and direct me to pick up a pen and paper from the console between the seat, and scribbled quickly upon it – “THIS IS YOUR STORY – IT IS NOT WHO YOU ARE. WRITE A NEW STORY.”

And as we drove past this new being in an old suit of potential I passed that message out the window and into his hand….  I can still see him in the rear view mirror, reading that note expressing another option for his own capacity of being.

And so it is for us all, in each moment. We are all writing a new story, with our actions, our thoughts and beliefs pivoting into new awareness, with the ALLOWING that the separation only exists when WE are outside of center.

Give yourself to the moment, ongoing. WHATEVER your experience may be, YOU ARE THE EVOLVING CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE NEW EARTH. The expansion of the Light and Love in this dimension is the expression of the Light and Love through you. Existence is both that simple and that profound!

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5 comments on “A New Story Of Humanity
  1. OMFeet says:

    Such a great reminder and a post to read everyday! 😉

  2. suzie solimine says:

    Learning to love myself more every day! Thanks DeAnne!

  3. Kathleen says:

    I am being swept along in the cosmic flow of massive proportions that is assisting us in the great changes that are taking place. On this New MOON I am open to my celestial home as I allow myself to be open to my heart’s hidden depths and the Source where my essence gains its sustenance.
    I find love here.

  4. Karen says:

    Beautiful wisdom stirs my heart to re member & yes, a daily wise, wise, wise reminder to BE all that IS….ONE LOVE I AM <3 thank you My beloved Shining Ones <3

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