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We had a great day exploring the Linville Gorge Wilderness yesterday up near Boone, NC. We were on the Babel Tower Trail and discovered this spectacular rock formation that Jim decided to climb up on, and of course we all followed. So here is a 3 part video of coming upon this magnificent rock being, every angle of it had something different to say – then getting the 3 of us up on TOP of that magnificent rock and finally some views from the top.

There are more videos from this day to come so be watching the Time Out page in the days to come – but for now, consider the energy of walking along and being called off the beaten path (known) by a “something” beckoning you to more… and the “new path” or direction may be a bit non-sensical and awkward to negotiate for our physical aspect, at first. Just allow the energy to guide you, pull you, GO FOR THE CLIMB of it! There is NOTHING TO FEAR in these new spaces! Magic and playful new light frequencies are calling us up and into new spaces – spaces with “increased band-width” 😉 from which we may breathe a new atmosphere and see a brand new potential for our lives and world! EnJOY – love to all!

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4 comments on “Explore and Discover
  1. OMFeet says:

    Bodhi? The Supreme Being that you are…didn’t think to flash yourself to the top? Lol

    Beautiful scenery!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Today is beautiful in the Mojave Desert. Bright blue sky with gentle breezes as the birds and squirrels play among the reeds at the waterfall and bonus, the water is warm enought to get into today, yeah!
    I Change my mind by choosing my thoughts.
    I am the gentle penetrating wind.

  3. Kathleen says:

    I simply love the vids DeAnne. I gobble them up like candy. K

    • DeAnne says:

      lol candy is good for the Soul Kathleen! 😉 I enjoy making them and sharing – thanks for the imagery you share! <3

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