New LIVE webcast today!!

Opening To The Frequencies Of Love

Secret_of_Loveweb_1A Special Open Invitation! This week’s webcast free for 24 hours!

The energies in this transmission will encapsulate the movement of New Light frequencies since June and offer a strong foundation for the next gateway, the first week of September. There is a whole new level of support, guidance and clarity of information streaming in now to assist with new creations and directions for our lives and our world. Holographic memory is being activated and it is MAGICAL. Once you truly begin to feel and connect with this Divine Love energy and intelligence, whatever resistances and old DNA constructs remain will dissipate. Nothing can impede or threaten you in this New Light. Come and experience the love and wisdom of the Shining Ones with the willingness to receive your highest good. This is a webcast you won’t want to miss, filled with transformational energies and light-body activation on behalf of the evolving world.

Join The New Human webcast TODAY @ 11:11 am Eastern! Click here to listen.

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One comment on “New LIVE webcast today!!
  1. Kathleen says:

    One of my favorite early intentions I used to change is:

    Gods loving abundance is now manifest, is now
    Manifest in my life. I am open to receive ALL the
    Precious and excellent gifts my loving mother~father
    God have to bestowe on me now their beloved child.
    I expect miracles with the confidence of a child.

    When I say this out loud with intent it really shifts the energy and makes me smile.

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