The Freedom To Choose

image(2) copyBeautiful Light, radiant frequencies, ongoing invitations to choose Love for our lives. It was an energy packed transmission of insight, wisdom and illumination from the higher realms wisdom on the New Human webcast yesterday, August 31. Re-listen often as you marinate in the choice we have now to transform our individual and Collective realities to something more, something true and reflective of the Infinite beings of Creative Power and love that we are… that you are. In this moment, and always. September is an open door to anchor these New Earth potentials and manifest dreams. Breathe deeply, intend a “new day” and walk into this month remembering who you are, New Humans. This is your time!

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3 comments on “The Freedom To Choose
  1. Kathleen says:

    An intention I carry with me and have for a while now is:

    Beauty and order are heaven’s first law
    For order and beauty bring grace and
    Grace brings me the perception I never knew
    I had ~ that earth is now Freedom’s Holy Star,
    Free fom oppression, depression and addiction
    With peace, healing and prosperity for ALL.

    I like to say it when I am cleaning house or doing the dishes,
    When I am creating order in my world. It lifts me into a new
    Dimension and I know it is true.

  2. Karen says:

    Beautiful words…..Beautiful intentions…..
    I AM restored in a Beauty
    I AM transformed in Beauty
    Thank you <3

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