image(5)How’s everyone doing? We are in the midst of quite the acceleration, our physical and mental capacities are being stretched and massaged and transmuted, creating spaces for old emotion to leave and new DNA, new Light to settle in. There has been an amplified energy in the palms of the hands and bottoms of feet all during this gateway –  electrical pulses, tingling, heat activity and sensation. Know that the transmutation and shift in our energy matrix is for the purpose of anchoring this new light into a new foundation and remembering how to receive. This Love and new light frequency is so high, refined, pure in radiance and transparent, the human form cannot fathom and often interprets as something to fear or turn away from… it is amazing how easily conditioned we are to struggle and pain, suffering and lack. But this new Light is having none of that and is working with our physical aspect, activating new DNA and opening our fields of light as wide as we will allow.

How do we respond? assist? cooperate? BE THE LIGHT!! Get out and play, find wonder, nourish your joy, nurture creativity, REMEMBER your Self when in communication with others – pause, breathe and redirect your thoughts and emotions to paths of peace and intentions of loving kindness.

It is a NEW DAY, new humans. There is MUCH in the subtle and not so subtle realms of the vibrational and non-physical worlds endeavoring to GET OUR ATTENTION and help us in remembering we have new choices! Everything is being made brand new, as we choose the new; for ourselves, our lives, our relationship to the reality around us and our world. Go out and BE YOUR LIGHT today. Be strong and shine on~

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3 comments on “Remembering
  1. Kathleen says:

    I am immersed is the cosmic process as I take magic flight. I am beginning to see and appreciate more fully the cycles within cycles as if in a kalikescope of creation.
    This is really beautiful!

  2. Karen says:

    “I trust the value of transformation”….from the Virtue card of STRENGTH….my body is taking a hammering (I feel the new energies, but they are not quite flowing & I’m feeling very fatigued)…..but I choose to allow, accept, love, trust, let go & flow…..Blessed BE (((((((+)))))))

  3. DeAnne says:

    Nurturing the Self is a lost art Karen~ and yet it is the path to Mastery. For in nurturing our Self – we honor the Beloved and infuse healing strength into the Earth Mother. You are perfect and loved… allowing and trusting is a forward movement in the journey of remembrance. I am holding the Light high for you – you are in my heart always! xo

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