The Outer And The Inner, As One

meditation_sunriseWe are settling into a new rhythm and relationship to the reality around us since the last gateway. It was indeed, intense for all the right reasons and for those intent on awakening and change, the reality on this side of the gate has expansion, new choices, altered relationships and a deepening sense of Source sensation, a knowingness, in the heart.

We will look at this latest shift and how it impacted perception, reality and the physical vessel in the next transmission of The New Human, this Sunday, the 14th @ 11:11 am Eastern. There is a lot of new activity in the pineal – and the Shining Ones have gifted yet another amazing meditation to support that expansion and assist with the current movement between worlds. These webcast are attunements, always, of transformational energy and lightcodes, teaching the remembrance of a higher vibrating consciousness, energy and power as Divine, New Humans. Each and every moment of your life is a pivot point within which to shift to an inward to outward created reality – vibrating service, the joy of being and love in the Ascension of planet and species.

The New Human on DeAnne Live, TOMORROW!! Sunday, September 14th, 11:11am Eastern. I will save a space for you! 🙂

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One comment on “The Outer And The Inner, As One
  1. Karen says:

    Yes please……Inner Space = Outer Freedom……..Amazing Grace! XxX

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