Ridiculously Amazing!

10609527_10152288337612823_2337517418146632066_nGood Morning Everyone,

I am feeling so light and free and NEW HAPPY this morning – it was a great webcast and TIME TOGETHER yesterday for the New Human Transmission. I sat in stillness to marinate in the energies for a time after the show – the ravens and crows came in immediately upon the wish and intention for ONE LOVE. Led by Don Juan, they were CRAZY loud and swooping from tree top to branches, down and up and across a canopy of light in the forest. I did ask them where they were for the show?? But then smiled with a sigh, knowing each moment and experience is a perfection beyond the capacity of our human knowing. Big show, lots of energy, much information and vibrational sustenance for our continued movement and rise to a 5D world of Unity and Light.

One of the things that came to me in the stillness  – re-listen to the show often and then take this additional guidance into your heart and being. WE NEED LOTS OF GROUNDING! Yes, of course, as ascending NEW humans we know this instinctively – and yet whatever grounding awareness you bring to your everyday… walking on the earth barefoot, bringing channels of light through the crown, down into the body and out the bottoms of feet, meditating by and leaning on a tree, gardening, digging in the dirt – any and all things “earthy” – these are going to be important grounding exercises for this NOW! But in addition to the many practices we know – the Shining Ones emphasized to GET LOTS OF HUGS!! 🙂 Yep! it was very clear. Our meditation focused necessarily so and even themes within the show itself brought awareness to the space between worlds – the crossing of the great divide between who we thought ourselves to be and the remembrance of our True and Authentic identity as RADIANT expressions of Universal Light! So, imagine, the 3D, finite, egoic aspect that REALLY needs comfort and reassurance that everything is OK and it is always safe – – – imagine how these inbetween spaces feel to that disposition of our being! Hence – LOTS OF HUGS!! Grounding – “oh! I AM still here, I AM real, everything IS ok and I AM loved!”

It is equally important to check in often with people who can SEE New you! In fact, getting those hugs from people who can SEE New you is going to be a quantum does of the best medicine in these days and weeks ahead. We are TAKING THESE bodies with us – so even as we do the work (and you KNOW what those practices are, New Humans – check out THE NEW HUMAN if you are having a clueless moment) even as we do the work to lighten up and simplify and align with the highest expression within and without – hugs and reflections from people who SEE and honor our Light are immeasurable supports at this time.

IMG_0619Finally, in keeping with the vibrational remembrance of UNIFICATION running in yesterday’s teachings of a new consciousness – I thought to include two of the tribe in today’s New Day post. Gratitude to New Human Suzi in Nevada for sharing the RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING meme above… and to Sharon in Chino Valley, AZ for the incredible expressions from our beloved Earth Mama of how much we are loved. Sharon finds these “heart-prints” all over the land on which she intends to create community! DSC02872LOVE LOVE LOVE – RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING life and world and YOU and me. The New Human Family awakening to a higher, truer, empowered and wise potential of this incredible time of being alive!!!

LOVE to ALL! xo

remember to click on pics to enlarge! 🙂 EnJOY!


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3 comments on “Ridiculously Amazing!
  1. Kathleen says:

    Greetings Family,

    Whew here we are. I woke up last night hearing these words in the space between dreamtime and fully awake, they felt good to me so I want to share them with you.

    I rest in this moment with ease and grace trusting I am within the heart of Divine Will.
    I am aligned with the frequency of now in balance and harmony, grateful to be
    Here as I AM.

    With much love, Kathleen

  2. Dolphinsmile says:

    Good afternoon New Human Tribe!!! I just wanted to tell each of you I love you so much!!! Here is a great BIG HUG FOR EACH OF YOU!!!Time for a group hug…1,2, 3 Wow amazing! Now lets pass these hugs to others we meet. I am up to five people already today. These hugs make you feel so LOVED! They unlock the key to the heart and this love cannot be stopped once unleashed. Here is one last special HUG for the road. YOU ARE LOVED!!! Have AMAZING DAY!!! Greg

  3. DeAnne says:

    You are a sweetie Greg and you give REALLY great hugs! Thank you and consider it returned big time! Beautiful expression that the many may benefit from Kathleen! Thanks for sharing! xo

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