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Morning Lovelies,

I have been knee deep in cleaning and clearing all morning, in the midst of a BIG move and BIG change, equally exhausted and grateful. I’ve been listening to random CD’s, New Human mixes I create for possible show/meditation moments to share with the many. I came across this song, Remember, by Aleya Dao and the Guidance was strong to share it in the New Day post today! It is a beautiful harmonic and expression – reminding ~

Remember why you came, Open your heart, Embrace love.

There is an incredible amount of bouyancy, abundance and enlivened dreams just spiraling so close and with such love, all around us. And it translates to the level of promise and “new happy” and light filaments glistening within. Pay attention to the invitation to a very new level of BALANCE between the letting go and trust in all that is happening… with the MOVEMENT, action, Creative Principle and new manifesting so effortlessly and in quick succession. BREATHE deeply into these new spaces, know that nothing is the same as these new Light frequencies continue to accelerate. Dare to love your Self so much and with such fervor that you allow the fixed reality to pixelate! Something so profound and so true is endeavoring to emerge – within and all around you. You will not FIND it in the known and fixed spaces. Come forth into the Light of things New Human, Remember, Open your Hearts, Embrace Love.

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3 comments on “Music For The Soul
  1. Kathleen says:

    Beauty for the heart and soul. I am amazed DeAnne that even in the midst of you busy moving day you are so consistent in your sharing with us all and am grateful. What an inspiration you are!

  2. DeAnne says:

    Oh yes, indeed Kathleen, this constant connection to center and the vertical Light streams is where I get my energy and how I stay above the “endless doing” of 3D. It is my JOY – unceasing. I had CD’S scattered all over the living room floor as I scrubbed down cabinets and oven and stove top – happily making piles for Good Will! By the time I finished cleaning and packing up the kitchen, the Light had gifted me the PERFECT song for the next New Human meditation. The visuals will come later on this week I am sure – just in time to accompany the current energies for the next webcast! I also got up on the mountain at one point today with Bodhi and captured a new MAGICAL video of energies and light for the time out page. Be WATCHING for that later this week! Thanks for appreciating my dedication to the energies of this New Light and Paradigm! xoxoxoxo

  3. Karen says:

    A gorgeous feast for my Heart/Soul connection….forever soaring higher, forever plunging deeper into Thy True Self. Much appreciated xxx May I Love, Serve, RE*~*Member!

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