Presence Of Peace


One of the things I find invaluable and so empowering to my light essence is to pick up the Shining Ones book and randomly turn to a page and passage. Invariably, without exception, the words my eyes and consciousness fall upon are perfectly aligned with the moment and the greater energies at hand.

I love them so much, these Masters of a New Sun and genetics of being for humanity. I love them for all that I know about them and love them greater still – for all that I don’t yet comprehend but trust in my Soul about this Advanced Light race from the Galactic Center. I rest peacefully in their wisdom and the love they have for this humanity. They could be anywhere in a Cosmos of Creation assisting with the ebb and flow of many Universes and yet, for now, they are here assisting the Earth and her sentient beings, the human race.

I carry the knowingness that, with time and continued awakening, many will remember these high elves and the very personal relationship they have with the Shining Ones. They have returned to the Earth in your lifetime because of your desire to evolve body, mind and spirit. Yours is a destiny they are invested in New Humans – seek their council and trust your capacity to remember them, know them and be deeply touched by their frequency and love.

Here is this morning’s “random” passage with a reminder for those of you who do not yet have this loving 5th World attunement and guide, I am happy to send you one with personal inscription or likewise, you may find The Shining Ones and The New Human on Amazon! One Holy Love, DeAnne

 A whole new energy of presence has arrived on the planet. Be patient and allowing with the beings that are filling the landscape of your personal reality in these times. Your familiars, aligned with your heart and deep intent are present. You are each others teachers and in your treasuring of the many ways and forms through which love comes to enrich the experience of your becoming, you align more and more fully with the parallel aspects of you, patiently awaiting you in the worlds you now visit in your dreams.

Excerpt from The Shining Ones, Ambassadors Of A New Age of Light

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2 comments on “Presence Of Peace
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    “Love is the teacher of us all.”

  2. Kathleen says:

    Good Morning!
    This came to me this morning to share:

    I am grateful for the constant upgrades and
    Downloads of light and love that enable me
    To be in absolute alignment with Divine Will
    And the frequencies of Now as I move within
    The great mystery unfolding in my heart.

    Love to All,

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