Happy Fall Equinox 2014

Sharing a few moments of light and beautiful energy with you from the Shining Ones Woods. My “few moments” easily turned into 6 minutes because I was so surrendered to the experience and just marinating in the frequencies of the Ancient Site!

Remember, it is your pure intention which aligns you with the intent of a gateway and/or in this instance, the Equinox energies. When I am in these vortex energies, I open and close gates so that the frequencies of the land, as well as the individuals I am working with, are as high and finely tuned as possible for receiving and transmuting energies. Likewise, there are equally grounded, conscious Gatekeepers around the planet who open and anchor them during these trigger points of energy passage for all willing to participate, until the awakened collective is capable of doing this themselves. And this is happening – even now the Unification of the Solar Heart Centers of humanity is in process. Intent is a crucial piece of the New Human Paradigm and work of expansion. Anytime one or more gather and unify intent, great leaps and miraculous shifts may and do occur, individually and Collectively. Which then rapidly cleanses the shadow of the old paradigm and dna, enlivening the true capabilities of the New, Divine Human.

You were with me in the woods and you are in my heart in this moment! EMBRACE the New Sun of your being and the Light that shines on and through and within our world. Yours is the intention calling the power and true Creation of a New Earth to you – in each moment! EnJOY! xo

and a few random pictures from the day!!



20140921_12020220140922_111540check out the light on Bodhi’s back! ♥


20140922_11250420140922_113235click thumbnails to enlarge! 😉




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3 comments on “Happy Fall Equinox 2014
  1. Kathleen says:

    Oh DeAnne I felt like I was right there with you in your beautiful woods. I grew up in Wisconsin among beautiful woods and I can remember riding with my family as a small child through them and my parents pointing out the spirits in the woods they called them brownies and yes I did see them. On this equinox and new moon I know:

    I am One with all creation. I can feel it!
    I am a perfect creation as we all are.
    I feel the oneness of All Humanity in me.
    The awareness within me affects those
    Around me. I glow. My light is bright.
    I smile with joy.

    Happy New Moon All

    • DeAnne says:

      beautiful affirmation for this day Kathleen – and what a gift to have parents so awake and sharing the true nature of reality with you as a child. Blessed be!♥

  2. Karen says:

    (((((((+))))))) may there BE peace on Earth, may there BE love in all hearts (((((((+)))))))

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