It’s Show Day!!

Embracing the Demands of the Divine~

Integrating New Light Filaments~

Re-membering what Awakening is all about!

Join the New Human today for another “in the moment” attunement to the Ascension Energies and frequencies of 5th World. Sunday, September 28th, 11:11am Eastern.


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3 comments on “It’s Show Day!!
  1. kathleen says:

    I love this show! Everything New! Heart, Mind, Bodies. Unexpected benevolent change IS here to stay. Anchoring the light right here right now spiraling within
    deeper and deeper as change is initiated. I am dedicated to the shift authentically in my heart. I experience high magic as I ride the thermals with peace and joy.I am conscious as I create my reality each moment in love. I follow the consciousness of my heart as Christ radiates from within me where all reside in unity for the benefit of all. We are divine as we focus on the light on the horizon with grateful anticipation. I am committed, vigilant and brave as I AM ALIGNED WITH DIVINE WILL.
    I Love You DeAnne my birthday is October 11th
    I am with you always in spirit.

  2. kathleen says:

    I was telling my husband this week that we are like one being in two bodies and realized on a personal level as I experience that with my husband it extends to all. The experience of realizing I am One with all within is extraordinary and exquisite and absolutely real and happening in this moment! Exciting and peaceful all at once. I appreciate you so much for who you are and what you share with all of us! You are beloved in the One Heart the Heart Of ALL.

  3. DeAnne says:

    oh so the SHining Ones and I will be celebrating your birthday with a big event – just in your honor Kathleen! 🙂 I appreciate taking the time to share a thought or feeling about the shows – they are enormous energy portals for me and sometimes it is nice to have a reflection come back in real time! 😉 Thanks for the love and hugs – I feel the warmth and spirit of your heart! xo

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