Bodhi Tree and Shining Ones


20140824_185353I just wanted to share with you here some energy and a sneak preview from the Bodhi Tree. I love this space – I love the owner and manager – and I was guided quite strongly the first moment I walked into the store to bring the Shining Ones there. I have not gotten an energetic prompt to unite the Shining Ones energy and teaching with any other “3D” space since Points of Light, the biggest crystal store in the Southeast. So, I am excited about this and curious to see how it goes, who shows up, how the energy feels in the moment of it, etc. The only other thing happening in this space so far is yoga and kirtan… but Govinda is very welcoming of expanding the energies of the Eastern traditions in the space and with Unification being the intention supported by the ascension frequencies at this time – it will be a grand and cosmic experience for us all.

And so, here is the first outing. Shine Light on it – hold it in your heart and see LOTS of people coming to share in this evening. I am not doing this for DeAnne, I am doing it for the Shining Ones, that more may know this love, the teachings of this New Paradigm and a more expansive understanding of 5th World. But most of all, I am pushing vibrational envelopes so that others may remember their unique purpose and role as New Humans assuming individual responsibility as the Light and energy of a New Earth! I would love to come to YOUR neck of the woods and do the same, any time, just let me know!! 😉

The Shining Ones are an Advanced Light Race from the Galactic Center here to usher this humanity into a new genetics of being. What makes this humanity and time different than any other evolutionary cycle is the spiritual desire to raise our consciousness and energy into a higher dimension while still on the Earth plane, becoming stewards and co-creators of a New Earth. The Shining Ones are here to assist with that transition and remembrance.

DeAnne Hampton is a teacher, author, radio host and vibrational guide with a lifelong connection to the Shining Ones. Tonight she will read from The Shining Ones, Ambassadors Of A New Age of Light with the opportunity for discussion about 5D Earth, New Earth roles, the vibrational foundation of a New Paradigm for our world and our transition into a new humanity.


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6 comments on “Bodhi Tree and Shining Ones
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    YAHOO! It IS happening!! <3
    Awesome sauce 😉

  2. kathleen says:

    I hold the vision for a large turnout of receptive hearts attracted to the love and light of The Shining Ones flowing through you like a river. With Heart activations and Soul remembrances galore. Its gonna be awesome, it already is!

  3. Karen says:

    What a beautiful flyer DeAnne……I hope for you & the Shining Ones an evening of New Earth magical Love/Light & I am positive many hearts will open to the JOY of their Wisdom & Truth…Blessed BE (((((((+)))))))

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