Welcoming October’s Beauty

I think a kind thought for all the world. May all the world be happy and blessed. Affirm before taking up the concerns for the day – Within me there is a perfect form, the form Divine. I AM now all that I desire to be. I visualize daily my beautiful being until I breathe it into expression.! I AM a Divine Child, all my needs are being now and forever supplied. Learn to thrill yourself. Affirm, Infinite Love fills my mind and thrills my body with its perfect life. Make everything bright and beautiful about you. Cultivate a spirit of humor. Enjoy the sunshine.

quote from Masters Of The Far East

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5 comments on “Welcoming October’s Beauty
  1. ompadadevi, says:

    Thank you for sharing! Some days (they are becoming fewer and far between) it is too easy to get caught up in the old. This verse will help reconnect to the truth within.

    As always, love Master Bodhi’s camo appearance <3

  2. Mel Bromberg says:

    Shiny Ones Community,
    Just want to share two significant observations that I have experienced during these intensive energy waves. First, my husband reported to me about a week ago that he was having heart palpitations for two nights in a row while sleeping. He and I both agreed that he go to the doctor to have it checked out— which he did..all the while ( not telling him yet) about the energies that De Anne reported concerning heart palpitations. Needless to say, all his tests came back normal ( blood, Halter monitor and X-rays) –and then I told him about the energies of these past months. He went –Hmmm- that’s interesting–and we left it at that. I am glad that he is Western medicine definition of “normal” for the present –but what I am kind of delighted about is that now I know that the New Earth energies are indeed opening up his chakras ( heart specifically) as well.
    Second, in some of my prior comments I talked about the hawk in my back yard. Last Saturday, I was subject to such hawk drama that it should have been filmed on the program ” Nature”. The hawk was sitting on the ground in my backyard on a sunny leaf strewn day. (S)he was looking around the ground and then decided to hop into the woods hiding surreptitiously. There are plenty of squirrels and chipmunks in my backyard busy preparing for winter, so they serve as delectable feasts for the hawk and others who so desire. Well all of sudden out of nowhere this hawk swoops down on an unsuspecting squirrel and even though I couldn’t see clearly, tussles with the squirrel ( I heard sounds) in the corners of my wooded backyard. The sequelae is that the squirrel remained alive, was not really damaged and the hawk flew off..I guess deciding that that wasn’t going to be his/her lunch that day. Wonder what really went on between those two.
    I went out today thinking since the leaves are pretty much down here that the hawk and her brood had flown off for the season. Not so, there before my eyes (s)he swooped from tree to tree –riding the “thermals” for me in all his/her glory. The crows were screaming at the top of their lungs while all this went on. I told the hawk thank you for gracing my life, I see him/her and want him/her to remain as long as necessary for both of our sakes. It is a delight to have this relationship with the hawk in my backyard and I so want to thank DeAnne’s many daily and bi-monthly webinar guidances for perhaps helping me keep the hawk as long as possible and also for the physical guidance concerning opening of heart chakras.
    Namaste Shiny One Community and DeAnne..

    • DeAnne says:

      SO great that you shared about your husband Mel – it is helpful and important to see, witness that the ascension energies are here for everyone, affecting everyone in various ways – ultimately because every Soul is here with the desire to wake up and know themselves as Light – remember their Mastery. You handled the scenario so wisely by holding the space for him to tend to his physical being – and yet not missing or denying the opportunity to bring in expansive thought, turning on a few more lights in rooms he doesn’t hang out in! 🙂 Remember – you do this NOT to persuade someone to be other than where they are – but nevertheless leaving a crack in the door for him to enter in as he chooses!

      Yesterday Bodhi and I rode the North Boundary up to 5 points out at Bent Creek. Just the 2 of us – climbing a high ridge that takes a lot of chutspah and desire. But the pay off is the view at the top that overlooks Hominy Valley on the other side of the mountain from where we start. Just as I slowed my bike to a stop with the next thought to have some water, some noise to my left got my attention and I looked just in time to see a hawk (think it was sharped shinned) take off from the tree line and fly right in front of me, near enough to see its feet and markings – it took its time as if it was waiting for that moment and this brief and timeless encounter. What was really cool that I didn’t realize to after the face cause the hawk took my attention for a moment is that Bodhi – who was right in front of me – had turned to the noise at the same time and our heads had followed the hawk – left to right, in unison, equally mesmerized. And when we both could see it no more, we both had a moment of looking at one another as if to acknowledge how special it was!

      As I read about your hawk experience yesterday I felt like it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they were happening at the same time. An example of humans swept up in a moment of synchronized mystery and wonder. It reminds me of a favorite book from my childhood called, For He Delights In Me. It is such moments as this that I feel the Creator truly delights in the “children” of the Earth.♥ Again, thanks for sharing.

  3. bromberm says:

    I guess what we felt in our etheric spaces from before, are now being felt in our virtual present spaces– since time has shifted and linear time has all but collapsed.So as you describe how both you and Bodhi were watching and feeling the hawk fly from left to right in synchronicity– I was just reliving those same feelings from my “hawk show” and the balletic synchronicity of flight you also described. Mesmerization is a good word for description of this–and perhaps hawks are here to help us not only remember–but remember through mesmerization leading to joy.
    Glad we can all “play” together in Nature –spontaneously and in parallel. Glad to share.

  4. Karen says:

    I will affirm the above & keep space in my heart that ALL IS WELL…..Blessed BE…..thank you thank you thank you ((((((+)))))))

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