Remembering And Riding High


There is a curious balance I feel – equally so, utter Union and complete disconnect with the day to day reality. It is very much like I am “here”, but not here. I feel more compassion yet more removed, more in love with it ALL yet sensing the reality around me as a distant memory. It is as if I AM getting to know my Self deeper and truer after a long separation and it is allowing me to both fully show up for the details of the old light dynamics (running errands, getting gas, chatting with a neighbor) all the while opening more and more to the higher dimensions and hearing the wise counsel of a wide array of interdimensional beings.

Today, while driving the thoroughfare through one of the busiest sections of town – I was fully grounded in the activity at hand yet equally swept up in a vibrational reverie. The Shining Ones were talking to all of us – because there is only ONE of us here – and comparing the activity of riding the thermals to surfing a wave. So I am driving in the bustle and overdrive of doing in the reality around me and with these images and impressions of waves and thermals they encouraged – “stay above it – really observe the mundane, not in judgement because a part of you resides there – IS that or you couldn’t observe it … yet, stay above it like you are riding a wave over the density and choice of matter because you are consciously leaving that facet of the crystal behind.”

The highest potential of the evolving Self exists in leaving any belief systems built in the old light behind. There is a huge parallel collaboration playing out between the new and the old – more and more those choosing to “leave” the denser story line behind will witness the “drama” planet, the old collective reality in all its distortion and manic tendencies playing out while equally so being filled and awed by this exquisite, untouched, unaltered reality we are remembering by the focus of our hearts, our joy and love of Creation. The drama is necessary, the duality magnifies the conscious choice of the awakening ones. Yet, many will still choose war and egregious entitlement and judgement because they are ignorant of or fear other choices.

That is not our concern, our spiritual work and emancipation lies in being new, choosing new, acting new and making very conscious choices to “show up” in our daily experience with loving kindness, committed to transparency, determined to “rise above” the tide of the moment, devoted to the teachings and return of the Christ and aligned more and more with the pure Self, the Authentic essence poised to emerge at this time.

There is beautiful, divine, higher expression so committed to assisting with this Shift. They are not in the mundane spaces, you will not sense them and feel the supports and hear the direct guidance when caught up in your old story line and concerns of lower vibrating self. Do everything with conscious intention – take care of the physical body,  tend to linear tasks with the heart present and spend more time in creating the new than un-creating the old. INCREDIBLE, ELEVATED ENERGY FIELDS and CRYSTALLINE STRUCTURES of NEW LIGHT are especially focused on supporting NEW LIGHT CREATIONS. I am discovering AS my reality is brand new (and it is INCREASINGLY SO, brand new) that I AM and feel brand new in it.

Freedom from the denser planes is not dependent on any outside element! Let all questions and beliefs go – sit in nature, learn a new activity, create, play, share your gifts and your love – especially so with those unaware or new to awakening… and ACT AS IF you are a generous and abundant benefactor of the New Earth everywhere you go. Align your light to the highest Divine Will and dare to perceive this New Light with new eyes!


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3 comments on “Remembering And Riding High
  1. ompadadevi, says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I’m sure many of us who are choosing the Light have had some of the experiences you described 😉 <3

    BTW..pic is of DeAnne during her surfing days! Hang ten, sister of Light! Xoxoxo

  2. Karen says:

    DeAnne, you express my feelings so succinctly…..I am sooooooo grateful for this Divine Expression of our ONEness of BEing <3
    All IS WELL!

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