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Two nights ago was the Bodhi Tree event which was a big shifting point for me – and then all day yesterday we were moving and hauling and creating order!! I did, for Bodhi’s sake if nothing else, get up on the mountain to sea trail for a beautiful and steep hike! I just couldn’t help myself – the sky and wind and nature was just so animated and joyful – I had to get a fun video moment of all these acorns and of course, Bodhi!

I am learning so much as we move – moving ROCKS! Even though exhausting. I am sure I will have commentary about that and the Bodhi Tree event on this weekend’s show, Saturday the 18th! The Fall leaves extravaganza has begun – more pics and video of the beautiful colors in the mountains to come. Stay tuned – and thanks for your patience and support as I find a new landing strip this week – cannot wait to see what new and magic is in store for the coming weeks. I look forward to exploring the new pathways of Light together with you!

As always,
Love, gratitude, wonder, peace, magic and quantum expressions of awakening,DeAnne

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