Ascension, The Return To Light

ascension1Walking through the energies of this gateway so far, as I shared Thursday, the 23rd, there was a lot of pressure and a sense of fatigue – especially so during the early to late morning hours. The beginning stages of this current gateway was akin to pushing something large into and through a very small space. Imagine that sensation for a moment and see if the physical symptoms you were feeling Thursday resonate with that description. The shift began to settle in a bit by the afternoon and ease up but there was definitely a need to be very present and especially conscious of yourself and the reality around you as the frequencies urged consciousness and energy upward. There was a very real level of the current conscious mind seeking inward within the brain and pineal for new levels of connection and communication! Consciousness always seeks the next highest order of being.

Friday was the first level of release and relief. Back to the metaphor of something vast being squeezed through a very narrow and refined space, like a pinhole… yesterday – the second day of this gateway, it was very possible to feel the space on the other side – and the relief of having gone through the ordeal to get there. The day was primarily flow – as if swimming around in an etheric ocean  – with a lot of direct communication and creative manna coming through in an almost telepathic mode from higher realms and beings. I feel this telepathic piece will be addressed in the next New Human transmission so stay tuned for that! There is something new there, a more direct stream between human and higher dimensional beings…

I received a hauntingly beautiful and profoundly deep meditation for the next New Human transmission from the Great Mother, Goddess and Sophia – 3 powerful “faces” of the New Feminine. This was unusual in that I usually don’t get these meditations until just before a show. At this point it is anchoring a theme for the next webcast in the very least – and with one more day of this gateway trigger, it also leaves a spaciousness for more to unfold, be communicated and revealed and to anchor in on behalf of the individual and thus Collective benefit.

As we open up and really put our minds and hearts on keeping our energy as high, bouyant and centered as possible, it would be wise and beneficial to consider what the imagery above is implicating. The ascension energies and passages are getting much more refined in nature – they require a necessary vigilance with our energy, thoughts, emotions and choices of how we engage existence and the reality around us. Ascension is an inclusive activity by nature, no one is exempt from this consciousness shift and ascent of personal vibration. However, we must keep surpassing our own limitations and personal triggers that keep us tethered to mundane existence and the emotional plane of reality. This level and understanding of consciousness will not only circumvent dimensional shifts – it will make these radiant portals and passages invisible and easily missed.

The above photo came in purposely for this communication: the water is the sea of consciousness – the individual bubbles on the surface are those awakening now within the Collective… and the smaller bubbles lifting up reflect those refining their consciousness and energy in alignment with these gateways and pure light portals – rising to a new level of atmosphere and being. Close your eyes and visualize this image – feel where you are currently aligned energetically and in your command of the mental and emotional body and then adjust accordingly. These gateways are a gift – each one determines how you will experience each of the coming gates and as always – you are the one in control – yours is the power to choose what dimension of reality will be “home” for you as this new cycle of humanity commences!

One Love, Light Of Peace~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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3 comments on “Ascension, The Return To Light
  1. Kathleen says:

    I spent Thursday writing and meditating on my New Moon intentions which I do every cycle.
    Definitely shifted into a new frequency with, seems lighter, more gentle and innocent even. Right now I’m watching and listening to Rafe Pearlman (again) on you tube title is Rafe Pearlman Zikr with Sufi whirling prayer dancer, Jemilla. I among others consider him a portal shaman. In joy and many blessings of love and light to each and every one of us

  2. Dolphinsmile says:

    Dancing in the sea of consciousness. Bubbles of pure Love…Bubbles of unbelievable joy…Light exploding all around me!!!Standing in the ocean of unconditional love. A pod of dolphins surrounded me and communicated this love a thousand fold! I started to swim with them and became a dolphin myself. We have a gift for you as we made a giant heart. We are all connected. We are LOVE!!! Start living in the heart. I was guided to listen to Wingmakers, another race from the Central Sun, Living in the Heart. I send the biggest smile to all of you from my heart! Feel it. Be it. Live it! Dolphinsmile

  3. Karen says:

    This Divine Gateway has been ^%$$&()__*&%$###%^_(^%#@!~~(^%%*(^
    soooooooooooooo AMAZING, very demanding physically & emotionally for me, BUT, I was more aware, more grounded, more heart centred & yeah, I believed & I trusted, & I allowed, & I flowed. Sooooooo wanting to BE truly REinvested with my TRUE DIVINE SELF….. Ahhhhhhh I love the magic of the NEW higher energies of this incredible NOW!!
    May I always BE open & clear to REceive the abundance of these Golden Rays of this beautiful Presence of TRUTH & WISDOM…Blessed BE.
    My RE`(Ray, drop of golden sun) words keep popping in…..Releasing, REenergising, Resourcing, REbirth, REnew, REcalibrated, Reclaim, REunite, REactivated, Responsible, REjoicing…….
    May the cells of my body resonate with this exquisite picture of sparkling health & wholeness of BEing…..such beautiful reflections of LOVE/LIGHT…I AM that I AM…blessed BE (((((((+)))))))

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