Full Moon In Taurus, Palpable Cascades Of Feminine

What do you value and hold most true, how intimately do you allow yourself to experience your senses, what makes you feel safe, nurtured and loved? This Full Moon in Taurus is an earthy passage with a focus on the Earth Mother, on beauty and feminine power, on grace and the experience of Self-Worth.

I find the Cosmos a wonder – and Universal Wisdom the essence of grace itself. If you have been following the energy transmissions of this New Paradigm you are very aware of the overall theme and push of the ascension energies in our lives at this time. Now, to have a Full Moon enter into the scheme of things with such a direct correlation to the greater movement and Light over humanity at this time… sometimes words are just insufficient for things of such a mystical and equally palpable nature.

This Moon brings to it the ability to magnetize what you most want for your life, for your human family and for our Beloved Earth Mother.  So this is a time to get in touch with your dominant desires, deep Earthy desires encased in shimmers of Christed Light. From a center of Self that is nurtured and valued beyond the old masculine energies of suppression and powerlessness, this Full Moon empowers you to create and bring forth something wholly (holly) unique and genuine from your person for the purpose of increasing your sense of value and Self Worth in the next cycle of your evolution.

Familiar themes of attachment and letting go, which were amplified greatly this last Gateway Trigger, are prominent within this Full Moon. So we are asked to look deeply and closely at anything which diminishes self worth – be it relationships, outgrown habits, old defeating patterns, unfulfilling work, environments that suppress etc. All of which come back to the question of Self Worth.

It seems we have one surge of opportunity and power via Cosmic Forces after the other of late – and all are essentially love, all are calling us back to a state of peace and balance from which we can truly know the Self, know a more intimate relationship with Creation and Creative power and thus, show up for our Selves as we never have before. What are your dominant desires? Breathe deeply with and into this radiant Full Moon of November 2014. You are invited to “show up” as well, 🙂 for the 11/11 webcast of the New Human Transmissions – transformational energies supporting these Cosmic shifts for a humanity in the throws of great change.

With Love to the Beloved Human Family and Gratitude for the work you all do on behalf of the Highest Good Of All.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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One comment on “Full Moon In Taurus, Palpable Cascades Of Feminine
  1. Karen says:

    Yes, yes, yes……..I AM worthy, & I REceive with much gratitude. Blessed BE (((((((+)))))))

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