Whole Being Change

1472100_871772776196546_7438864690614503081_nGood Morning Tribe of Many Colors and Light,

You might have felt a subtle shift of energy yesterday the 15th, in preparation for another push of energy today. November 16th is a day to move forward and prepare for progress. You might feel this in your thought process, in tensions long held in the body yet ready to release, perhaps a relationship that has been static bumps up to a new level of communication and connection or you might be moving noticeably ahead and suddenly feel empowered to do so with or without the support and approval of others. Doors are set to open, ideas are apt to explode and a more relaxed and authentic sense of Self moving into the starring role of your very new reality – IF YOU ARE READY!

There are no rule books or right and wrongs to this next phase of hu-man development and creation – you are the one creating the mold of what you want your future to be about – NOW!! Right NOW!! Not tomorrow or in a couple of years or when things calm down or are more “right”. These energies are in support of radical change and even deeper states of TRUST in the realities that can’t be seen but wake you up at night with the knowingness and remembrance of connection.

Many of you are moving in and out of old and new dimensional spaces in subtle and not so subtle ways. If you are losing objects, misplacing things and challenged by forgetfulness – take heart. The physical, mental and emotional bodies all inclusive are adapting to a very fluid vibrational landscape – it is like all the paints are still wet and subject to the slightest changes in the environment. Ready for the paint to dry and become more permanent and things to settle into a more permanent location in the time/space continuum? Monitor your thoughts, eliminate indecision, take aim with your strong wanting and set aside the indulging ego for the greater good in getting Authentic you into greater visibility, responsibility and service.

Remember, it is not about what you can articulate and explain and prove to the reality around you – it is about surrendering with devotion to the inner reality that is destined to emerge into these times. When in doubt, choose the door you know absolutely nothing about! That is when a new part of the brain and innate wisdom shift into gear and become the new compass for the very new world unfolding all around you.

DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “Whole Being Change
  1. Lace Chess says:

    So true…I just told a friend, the last couple days have been like the jigsaw puzzle of my Soul being completely assembled…all the pieces fit! Thanking the Solar Light for all it’s downloads over the last period…finding excitement for all the possibilities unfolding..on with the NEW! The 11:11 broadcast and latest meditation released much to make room..thank you

    • DeAnne says:

      Beautiful, authentic sharing Lace, I can feel the shift in you and am holding the light high for the possibilities unfolding in your world.xo

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