Live Your Life, Be Free

10409026_10152778453053991_5658352483326565481_nBright New Sun Morning New Humans!

Here is some rhythm and empowering intention to start your day with. I LOVE this song – I have it on a New Human mix I created and it always gets me going and lifts my mind to really free spaces. I discovered it in one of our local dance waves – so you might even want to try shaking it up a bit – get up and DANCE out your inhibitions and stuffiness -anything that might be keeping you from LIVING YOUR LIFE and BEING FREE. If nothing else, close your eyes and just feel the beat and intention inside of you and REMEMBER – Life is meant to be FUN and filled with wild enthusiasm so GET YOUR GROOVE ON – you can have it all New Human!

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2 comments on “Live Your Life, Be Free
  1. ompadadevi says:

    Got my groove on, yoga may be a bit off today. Lol 😉

  2. Karen says:

    Yay…..Australia……I’m feeling FREE 🙂 IT IS A BUBBLY TUNE!!
    I AM soooooooooooo blessed to live in this beautiful country, on this beautiful planet, with abundant freedom to live the life I choose….Blessed BE(((((((+)))))))

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