New Possibilities For A New Hu~manity


Greetings Beloved Tribe of Crystalline Beings,

I trust you are loving and welcoming the November energies with conscious intention and presence. The accelerated timeline activated by Gaia and Hu~manity last month initiated a highly creative passage – the October Gateway stimulated incredibly creative and active energy. November has been a consistent and strong support for action in alignment with the New Light. What does that mean on the Earth plane (macro-level) and for you, the individual (micro-level)?

This week was yet another bridging of realities and worlds with a Shining Ones event at the Bodhi Tree, in Asheville. The leading energy of the evening, in addition to the Shining Ones, was The Consciousness Of A New Humanity. The invitation extended was toward a possibility of living very different lives in a very different world via a different understanding and relationship to the vibrational world. One thing is very clear – ENERGY DEEMS TO LIVE DIFFERENTLY IN OUR BODIES  – ie – higher dimensional expression seeks an environment IN human form. This will mean different things to different people and I will go into this Shift with more details on the next New Human Transmission – but basically, November continues to be a creative and active time to turn up the volume of the Shift! This translates into us, those waking up and remembering and following the energy of devotion, taking the lead by participating actively with these new dynamics. And again, this will manifest and be interpreted differently for each – but the active engagement of these new dynamics is key.

We must be pushing our own envelope and exploring new frontiers of our Selves – because these new energies seek expression through us! ie the new frontiers of existence become our new reality once we step into them. We are explorers and discoverers. How is that energy reflected in your life? That night at the Bodhi Tree – I basically planned for nothing and was prepared for anything. I went as an open vessel. I had no agenda save to show up and in some way – initiate a light of remembrance for the individuals that appeared. It was an evening of High Magic and LOVE with a lot of 5th World energy and expression. It is almost as if 5D World appeared as a portal or doorway within the evening that those who were there could see… and were consequently drawn into a riveting discussion. Discussion so unique and pivotal to the moment I cannot image the evening could be replicated. Then again, 5th World is, after all, a present moment teaching and understanding. But it did occurred to more than one of the participants and generous beings holding space with me that night that we must and will record these events as they grow and are more firmly anchored in this NOW. Stay tuned for that! 😉

But for now, I will share with you that in the energies of that evening, I felt as if I went out to the very point – or peak of my Self – and met with a future aspect, a higher vibrating version(?) of me – in what felt like a planned intersection of reunion. I invite you to contemplate the significance of this imagery and possibility – for your Self! Each and every one of you. Remember that as we engage with higher layers of future possibility, we rewrite our past possibilities. It all gets very harmonious as we create and re-create our personal and planetary timelines. I couldn’t tell you what I said or much of what transpired that evening intellectually – but I remember EVERYTHING about how it felt. And that felt vibrational expression became a shared experience for all who were there. This is the path of Unity –  we are harmonizing as One, morphing our ideas and creations in alignment with the New Light in the Now. And guess what? It is meant to be fun! But you must be willing to join in!

Stay very close to the awareness of what it means to evolve. Evolution is a never ceasing energy and movement. Whether you are new to the spiritual path or have been in service to the planet and humanity for decades – we are all in brand new spaces that require a lot of non-attachment and trust. Meditate on and get in touch with the new way energy desires to be in your body – what new activity or different routine could you adopt to assist with that? We must get out and begin participating in these new dynamics in big and small ways – with courage, daring, devotion and desire. It is time to inspire your Self with new activities and deepening intentions for the highest good of all.

High Regard and Deepest Love Always,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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2 comments on “New Possibilities For A New Hu~manity
  1. ompadadevi says:

    Opportunity nears to get you out and traveling to engage with others about the vibrational shifts.;-)

  2. Karen says:

    “Energy deems to live differently in our bodies”……Oooooooh……..YES YES YES to all of the above
    Oh, DeAnne, I hear the TRUTH jumping out of this inspiring blog. I am abit behind in reading your daily blogs, as I have been away, Travelled down to Sydney (the big city, where I lived, over 7 years ago now). I attended the ‘John of God’, three day event….what an amazing 5D New Earth soul gathering I experienced,& will be still doing so for 40 days ( I received & will follow a spiritual intervention protocol). I went with an open heart, only knowing abit about him from YouTube & not allowing expectations or negative media to cloud my mind. This was also an event of HIGH MAGIC & LOVE & it was an honour to give & receive of these NEW LIGHT energies. I feel lighter & brighter & unburdened already….hallelujah!
    This is where I also went & saw Interstellar with my son, which tied in perfectly to complete a profound week of evolution for mySelf. WOWeeeee….. we loved the movie! I have had some very insightful/awakening dreams & many heart centered AHA moments this very spacious & giving month/portal of 11:11/November. To say the least, I am feeling
    truly humbled and very grateful for this expansive time, these gifts, this RE`membering!
    As you say, & I soooooooo affirm…..I am doing all this transforming/devotional work to be able to express these NEW energies/entities from within my being…………for the highest good of all…..for our ascension…………for our evolution…….
    (it blows my tiny mind!!!!!)
    To LOVE, SERVE & REMEMBER….does seem to sum it all up perfectly in a nutshell, doesn’t it?!
    All for ONE, ONE for All…Much love (((((((+)))))))

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