The Creator And It’s Creation

10393732_878858572154633_6604185816226920080_nAll around us beautiful Creation, life, possibility and potential. When Father, Mother, God considers all It’s Creation, there is never judgement or disappointment, that is a vibration that only exists in separation and density. The act of Creation itself implies the ongoing opportunity to step back and consider all that has been made manifest, all that has come into being. And then with love and authority, vision and unlimited capacity, the Creator deems to add more Light, more color, designs of peace and frequencies of Love to what is.

We, as extensions of Source Creator, are no different in our creator skills and capacities. We too have the ongoing opportunity to refine our creations not from judgement or lack but by looking for more opportunities to see and express love, to give and leave impressions of peace, joy and compassion… remembering we are here to discover and explore this world and dream forth the unimaginable. For the good of all.

Breathe deeply into the essence and Light of this day New Hu~mans. With an 11/22 place holder in the world of form, there is heightened opportunity to see what others cannot see and reach into the nothingness to grab hold of the very thing that sets your Spirit, your Creator skills and unlimitedness free. Go forth and BE YOUR LIGHT today and stand tall in the truth of who you are.

With Love to ALL,

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  1. Karen says:

    We can, Thy Will, I AM!

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