Balance, Harmony, Ascension

faithAs the hubbub and spin around this time of year gets into full gear in the 3D zone – take time to really BE WITH YOUR SELF, listen to, sit in council with and feel your vibrational being in new, creative and expansive ways. The center point of the Ascension energies right now is BALANCE and HARMONY. We are learning to be with Existence in a new way, one lead by joy and dominant desire and Self Love. A new foundation is being prepared for you, by you – and nothing is more important than that foundation. Each moment and activity, every choice and decision, carefully chosen and placed as the brick and mortar of your new reality, the essence of your future and the very new grid of an evolved Earth planet.

If your reality is set up in such a way to invite the new in at this time, you will find yourself drawn into experiences that deepen your awareness of Self, of others, of the world around you… experiences that feel like invitations from the Divine, sacred reunions and moments of blissful joy! for these are the energies dominating the new timeline and filling up the Authentic Self with profound and meaningful remembrance.

Balance, Harmony, Ascension ~
these are the stepping stones of your remembrance in this NOW. New Human!

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3 comments on “Balance, Harmony, Ascension
  1. Karen says:

    That word/feeling/knowing …….Foundation ….. has been coming in strongly …… It is NEW….. & I embrace it gratefully & passionately….. I will seek counsel with mySelf…Blessed BE (((((((+)))))))

  2. DeAnne says:

    I did play around with counsel/council 🙂 and settled on council cause I was imagining “you” sitting in the midst of multidimensional you – so all your Selves gathered in Unity. But either way – yes – seeking the wisdom and teacher within in all things… and then TRUSTING that! ♥

  3. Karen says:

    lol…..yes council/counsel…..either way. I actually wrote in my daily gratitude diary…firstly….”I will seek council with my Self”, then wrote over the c & i with s & e….so in fact I had written both ways!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! How wonderfully joyful is that!
    Thank you DeAnne xx

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