Ganesha’s Belly Dance


ganeshPerhaps I fall in love with things easily :-). Or perhaps the frequency of love is a close companion and thus, kinda oozes out onto all experiences and sets the stage for wonder and bliss to easily manifest in otherwise ordinary life. Whatever the case may be, I am REALLY enjoying a current reality of new around a beautiful yoga community and inspiring teachers and a deepening appreciation for both my physical body and spirit. In addition to the yoga practice itself, I’ve been introduced to a rich new palate of music which you, my New Human tribe, will surely benefit from in various ways.

Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus band is not only an artist used frequently in class – he has appeared live for Kirtan and yoga events many times here in Asheville. It so happens that he will be here near my birthday in January and Jim and I already have tickets to be there for that magical evening. I encourage you to explore his repertoire ‘ of inspired music… in the mean time, here is a beautiful, deep and magical video of images accompanying ‘Ganesha’s Belly Dance.’ I am sure you will love it.


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9 comments on “Ganesha’s Belly Dance
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    This soooo fantastic and magical….so “Awesome sauce!” Xoxoxo

  2. Tasha says:

    That sounds wonderful. When I was living in Santa Cruz,CA over the past 7 years, I attended yoga, Kirtan, Sufi dancing of Universal Peace, and ecstatic dance, kundalini yoga too….and I so loved Kirtan music and community and felt such a strong uplifting vibration when I would listen to it. I do miss the community, events, pot lucks, yoga, Kirtan from the quaint town of Santa Cruz and I have heard Asheville is similar to Santa Cruz and I look forward to visiting the Asheville area sometime soon. Thanks for sharing the music 🙂 lots of love.

  3. MARIANNE says:

    Such JOY – real experience of 5D – I LOVE THIS Video! Thank you for all your sharings – and wishing you already (because actually everyday is a new birth day) celebrations with this marvelous kirtan group – much love and blessings, Marianne

    • DeAnne says:

      I totally agree and feel the same Marianne – I’ve watched it numerous times and will continue to do so cause it MAKES ME HAPPY!:-D

  4. Karen says:

    OM Ganesha (((((((+)))))))

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