Time And The Movement Through Layers Of Light


Although we did not get back to this topic in the current New Human transmission – it feels important enough to visit briefly here. More and more, time is affecting our Collective experience. One minute it seems to speed up and the next it appears to slow to a crawl … and then there are moments when time seems to disappear altogether. It is quite mystical, this shift in the dynamics of time as it establishes a new perimeter for our dimensional bandwidth. While humanity and earth accelerate to a higher dimension, our experience of time becomes more pliable and our vibrational rate increases. Yes, we have the ability to actually manipulate time. This has been going on for a while now – I have told stories and shared experiences of doing this over the years on the New Human transmissions – but there have and will continue to be dramatic shifts in individual and collective perception of time.

One of the most important things affecting the pliability of time is a sense of non-attachment. This requires a balance between acting as if your endeavors are the most important thing to be doing, moving without thought on creative inspirations… and yet, being ok if they do not manifest or prove to be unnecessary. What is happening is that as we merge with higher vibrating realities and potentials – we are actually interfacing with other aspects of our multidimensional selves or another being on the planet who has already accomplished what we are in the process of lining up with. It is a beautiful and fascinating aspect of the Shift process – we are harmonizing as One, morphing our ideas and creations in alignment with the New Light very much in the NOW!

So, how best to “work” with this movement of Time through layers of Light and as we discussed on the current webcast (12/6/14), having the Light work for you. First and most importantly, HAVE FUN with it. This is a time of revelation and opportunity for you to rewrite the past as you engage with higher layers of possibility – revelation via health issues, personal issues, emotional wounding, relationships, dreams, desires or even revelations from others. Again, we honed in on the current momentum and reach, the support of the Holy Mother and Divine Feminine in Saturday’s show. Pay attention to what you are being inspired to do, desires that are calling you into new spaces and levels of participation  – all for the purpose of alignment with Divine Flow in a way you will not “think” to do from lower vibrating spaces. Your Higher levels are encouraging creative activity – the purpose is to align and actively engage with your true Creator-In-Carnate self – true and Authentically beautiful you!

Time is an illusion – it exists only in dimensions of mind and density. As you become more of your Self and accrete more light, new levels of possibility will begin to manifest, you will begin to create and recreate your personal and planetary timeline. Accept all of it, delight in the opportunity rewrite your beliefs and behavior to align with the truth, with joy, with dominant desire and creative impulses. Do not delay processing/clearing anything that comes up. If you do not have a spiritual support system or posse of light around you in the immediate, seek that alignment and reach out to where the light is consistently high. You are not alone, you are supported in ways unimaginable, you are loved immeasurably throughout many lifestreams and every moment of dedication extended toward the lightening of your personal reality is serving to create movement on a planetary level as we move through the last passages of the Shift.

I AM everything, everywhere and in all things at all times –
and I celebrate the return of the Light.

With much Love to ALL! DeAnne♥



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7 comments on “Time And The Movement Through Layers Of Light
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    It’s just so amazing how days go by so quickly that I don’t remember what I did, where I was….or the fact that it’s Dec already. The slow days are so few and far between…..I can only laugh at how “warped” time has become….a silly laugh. like when I visited you….Sometimes it feels like yesterday, sometimes it feels like it’s been forever! The Universe is saying “hold on” and just go with it 😉
    (Miss you)

    • calmwaters says:

      Yes, it’s as if time just doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is my vibration and what I am living in the moment.

  2. joyfuljudy says:

    Time has certainly been speeding up for me. To be more authentic I recently refused to listen to a friend who wanted, once again, to tell me something bad/negative about another person. I had thought long and hard about this because we women, especially, have been taught to be nice. But this time I stopped her and told her I did not want to hear anything negative. I told her it effects my immune system and her’s too. She did not believe it affects her’s but she did comply. It felt so good to not have to listen to her negative comments about someone else. I would usually listen and then feel so energetically drained. jj

    • calmwaters says:

      Wow, Judy. I acknowledge the courage we draw upon to break those patterns of “being nice or being polite”– at the expense of our own vibration. I had to do something similar recently and it felt so good to stand strong in the boundaries I set. High five to you!

  3. DeAnne says:

    way to go Judy – this is so important – not just for the 2 involved but the whole planet! ESPECIALLY so NOW! Let’s all high five Judy!Even Bodhi – he loves to high five! 😉

  4. OMPadaDevi says:

    High five to Judy!

    I did the same to my husband…don’t want to hear negative words about anyone! 😉 negativity just feed into the other persons field and you keep it alive, I told Hubby. Think he is catching on…slowly…but he is 😉

    Awesome sauce, Judy!

  5. joyfuljudy says:

    Thank you, ladies, for the positive feedback. You made my day!


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