The Paradox Of Power

“You are very powerful, providing you know how powerful you are.” –Yogi Bhajan

1656048_10152522638828861_5751840532230763946_nAs the heavens descend and the Light of Creation merges with both the beauty and banality of the Earth Star, all of humanity is destined to reconsider its personal and Collective relationship to power. This new Light, Solar Cosmic Christ, radiance of Divine Feminine, is preparing us for intense upgrades and very new energetics in 2015 – and with this expansion a new level of responsibility and thus power. The frequency of this New Light power is much different than the power we have used and abused on the Earth plane thus far in our history.

As the days grow shorter and the commercialization of Christmas in the 3D zone becomes the backdrop of the end of 2014, know that this whole other alignment of portals and stargates is activating, at the center of which, is you. Divine you. The old grid is being replaced with the vibrations of Divine Love, Purity, and Inner Harmony. Everything must be built around and held up to this new foundation of the Earth Star. As was shared so earnestly in the current New Human transmission, look not for evidence of our progress in old programs, focus instead on the New Light and be diligent in implementing all that it reveals in your own lifestream. There is a new power both lifting and anchoring that is firing the golden crystalline diamond light of the New HUman and New Earth.

Meditate on your role and purpose unto that power – Be Still and Know, cherish this time as one designed and chosen for you, by you and give yourself fully to the connections, activities, objectives and plans that allow you to be in, maintain and sustain the highest vibrations of heart consciousness, love, service and remembrance of this time and the destiny we are here to fulfill!

Bight JOY and Great Love,

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    YES YES YES (((((((+)))))))

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