My Life Is My Message

meme-8-Limbs-of-yogaThe empowering experiences of joy and beingness in yoga continue. After class one day this week, the teacher took a few moments for a conversation with me. I enjoy her class and go often, she is aware of when I started yoga and has been watching my progress. On this particular day she commented about my yoga “experience” and asked if I was familiar with the 8 limbs of yoga – because she imagined I had been “practicing” yoga long before I knew I was. 🙂

I shook my head no about the 8 Limbs and she went on to ask me, “do you meditate, would you say you are self-disciplined, are you able to hold a strong focus, do you have a spiritual practice, etc. etc. After I had answered yes to about 4 or 5 questions (and her questions did have more depth than how I summarized them here), she then paused and said, so you have been doing yoga, it sounds like, for a while now!

I loved this – I was totally engaged and soaking up this awareness energetically with my whole being. She went on to say, yoga is much more than mere Asana, what we know as the physical poses. It is a way of life, very much a whole being discipline. And because I practice so many of these “limbs” of yoga as an extension of my life, this was why the physical poses, Asana, were coming so easily for me.

There is a lot of valuable insight and revelation in this sharing that I encourage you to feel and take away from. As I hung out with the experience, again, the vibration of the experience and how it came and kinda seeped into my pores energetically – it reminded me of this quote (the title of this post) by Gandhi. I felt like I was “inside” the quote for the first time instead of just aspiring to it. We are so much more than spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are spiritual beings remembering through the choices of our lives, our true nature and innate power of Self. The more in sync we are with our true nature and the more balanced our experience of life, the more effortlessly and with strength we will be able to take on and embody new experiences. Ultimately, Mastery is who we are. It is the shift from “learning” in life to embodying the fullness of all life.

As I sit with you in this circle and share, we are half way through this incredible Christmas Gateway of 2014. I know, as of this moment, that the next New Human Transmission will be on New Years Day, 2015 – and I know there will be much to share and even more new energy to disseminate! As a little tease, the Christmas Gate came in like a lamb, likely to give our human aspect a chance to attend to “christmas” as we know it in the 3D zone. But by Christmas night, Thursday the 25th – an immense flood of feminine/goddess power kicked in, really pushing the heart chakra and pineal to maximum capacity.

My DeAnne aspect has been like a filly at the gate – I was TOTALLY ready to do a Christmas Day show several days prior to. But it has been important and I trust the value in each of us experiencing this final gateway of December 2014, as well as the Solstice and days leading up to the Gate, individually. The energy and information I will share on the New Years Day transmission will serve to solidify and anchor down what has transpired in such a way as to both prepare for and put into action the New Light data streams coming in for the beginning days of 2015. As always with the teachings and remembrances of this New HUman Paradigm, I have music, mudras, annecdotes, meditation, light-codes, visuals and a joyous flow of transformational energies to share and engage in with you next Thursday, January 1st, 2015.

This coming one, shiny and brand new, is your year New Human, to truly MAKE OF YOUR LIFE, YOUR MESSAGE in what it is to LIVE and SERVE, DEMONSTRATE and KNOW FULFILLMENT as the brightest Light of WHO YOU ARE.

With the Utmost Love, Sincerity, Peace and Joy of Creation,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. Karen says:

    That is my Dream to come a True <3

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