There Is A Place

there is a place copyThere was a pretty powerful shimmer Friday the 2nd. I had to sit with it a bit, the first day of the new year came in so bright and shiny and yet Friday seemed so dense comparatively with an intensity that was mentally and emotionally heavy. If you felt aimless or muddled or not very “evolved” 🙂 at any point or all of Friday – you did NOT have a relapse. All is well and we rebounded nicely on Saturday – just in time for this first wave acceleration of 2015 beginning today.

Remember – everything in this NOW moment is about developing a new relationship with your power – which means developing a new relationship with a very different, very new identity of Self. Knowing who you are means being very clear on who you are not! Seems so simple until certain traits and deeply ingrained beliefs present themselves as giant roadblocks on your otherwise well lit path. And so it was with Friday’s skism of energy – it was very curious indeed. It was like being in a brightly lit room and suddenly having all the lights turned off – and along with those lights, all of our senses and new understandings and clarity of intentions as awakening beings. And then the lights came back on – but brighter, feeling lighter and with a new level of chutzpah, expansion, activation and multidimensional merging.

And that is what today’s acceleration is about – yes the light around this wave is really asking us to LOOK at and LISTEN to the old habits of self, anything that allows for even MOMENTS of doubting new levels and expressions of power and new visibility in chosen vocations. As the Shining Ones in the meme above remind us, there is something each of us have come here to do that is uniquely ours to do… and it resonates with our authentic signature, the vibration of our purest, truest, wisest and lightest Self. We must know this in every cell of our being – every breath we take and yes, even when the outer tries to lure us back into slumber with moments of chaos, disorder, doubt and heaviness. The big AHA of ascension is that it takes WORK to be conscious and remain awake.

These new vocations of our highest and best Selves are already in place vibrationally and it is for us to keep lifting consciousness, habit, relationship, obligations of time and energy et al – until we become visible to IT and IT to us. I can tell you that the new vocations have a strong co-creative element in them so pay attention to inspirations and imaginings that drop in and involve joining your energy and gifts and love with some one or thing that may at first seem very different – but perhaps not so much so! 😉

Any more, these dips into the well of our being where the entirety of who we have been, are and will be swirls in undulating spirals of shadow and light are an opportunity to engage our power in a new way. KNOW THY SELF. Cocoon when you need to, say NO to anything or one that drains you, choose uplifting activities and environments as you create your day and be vigilant in providing balance for the body, mind and spirit. You know what this means. Meditate on the words and picture above and recognize your SELF in the golden glow of this New Light that is here now.

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5 comments on “There Is A Place
  1. OMPadaDevi says:

    Hmm….didn’t feel a difference on Friday, I’ve been very up and open since New Years Day. I do catch myself in situations or conversations where I can respond in the old views, or decide and respond with higher Light and intention. Diffusing the old and finding the conversation change. It’s gonna be a great year being in the Light.
    Namaste Family!

  2. Karen says:

    I’m off to an interview for a NEW vocation in a couple of hours….
    May I BE open, may I BE clear, may I BE grounded, may I BE <3 here – Heart centered & Soul Aligned……I AM that I AM!

  3. Karen says:

    Well……..I AM SHINING……the interview was amazing GRACE…we connected….we spoke new words of a new way…..I AM overjoyed at the NEW possibilities unfolding before me & in me. This is a volunteer teaching position at my local primary state school to teach a curriculum (instead of religious instruction/scripture)based on ethical philosophy. After 7 years of “clearing & incubation”, I AM now emerging as a NEW HU`man in my community….hallelujah!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you ((((((((+))))))))

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