Understanding The Energies Of 2015


We have entered a very accelerated part of our Ascension process. 2015 is the year of personal power, new levels of self confidence and inner strength, new command of finances, manifesting prosperity and material freedom and a deepening in self reliance, self sufficiency, spiritual integrity and personal authority. Because these are the vibrations guiding the arc and direction of the greater energies this year, we can expect an amplified boomerang effect in a much stronger way. What we reap, we will sow, what we give our time and mind and energy and devotion to, will grow and become a very anchored foundation in our lives. As such, alignment with the True Self must be the conscious intention, action and dedication of every moment of every day. This New Light demands authenticity from those who are Ascension bound.

When I tune into and feel the invitation wrapping itself around every aspect of our being and lives – both within my personal experience and in the ascension energies at large, the correlation between Heightened Energies and Heightened Self Care is both essential and profound. As the theme of the first New HUman transmission of 2015 emphasized – we are coming into our own. Not as an identity, but as multidimensional expressions of a vast Consciousness and Divine Love. To connect with and align with our new stories, new vocations and new power, we must become impeccable with the care of the Self, prioritizing Self love in the way we care for the body and spend time and engage consciousness and energy… while allowing all that is not a reflection of Self Love, all that reflects separation, to fall away from our lives: being very honest about what that means for our individual experiences.

This New Light supports a stronger clearing of the external world around us, while we simultaneously commit to a deeper and more steadfast alignment with Divine Love and our Higher Self, our Christed Self that emanates Light out onto experiences. Ask yourself if your Light is able to freely emanate out onto and effect others in your current experiences? Do you feel your Light being received, nurtured and expanding in your current reality? Your most important activity each day is bringing your known reality, whatever that may be, into Divine alignment. Ask the Shining Ones, better yet, make an agreement with the Shining Ones and your own Christed Self to be vigilant in showing you each day, each hour, each moment what is in Divine Alignment and where to pivot. If your goal and heart’s desire is truly to merge with your own higher states of consciousness, power and expression, then your whole being will be focused on aligning with the reality you are consciously choosing to ascend to – not laboring in things that do not change. BE PRESENT TO YOUR CURRENT REALITY – which is showing you YOUR present consciousness. Nothing is holding you back. Pay Attention. Pause. Understand that when you invite in the higher consciousness, you surrender to the consequences of what it shows you. Meditate on this for it is truly a game changer!

Today, 1/11 is the end of the first wave of 2015 – this wave initiated a Golden DNA drop and integration of multidimensionality. Separation is much too dense to move forward into new lives and stories and power with. Rounding out the first 2 weeks of this new year it becomes clear we are in a phase now of heightened experience which means experiences of negativity, negative emotion and shadow will be amplified if that is where you apply your focus.

I invite you to hang out with the sentiment in the above quote – it, like you, is multidimensional in nature. On the surface, it can be perceived negatively, as a judgement – the ego will perceive separation and feel left out. Yet, with deeper, mindful contemplation this wise reflection from the Buddha is immensely empowering. For it implies that you have everything that you need, you are everything that you aspire to, there is no wisdom that is not already within you and no level of Mastery that is beyond you.

Once you truly invite in the higher light consciousness, you surrender unconditionally to the consequences of what it shows you. Again, meditate on the vibrational invitation this year offers, listed at the beginning of this blog. Resistance to alignment and your personal expansion on the path of Light causes suffering. Saying YES, unconditionally to Divine Alignment will shift your immediate reality to one that reflects this year’s gifts of expansion with grace and profound insights.

Join with this New HUman tribe, next Saturday, on the 17th as we open up to these current energies more fully and attune to the greater Truth this beautiful moment in time has to offer in regards to our individual lives and the greater transformation of our world.

SAT NAM Beloveds, it is an honor to be journeying with you in this NOW!!

The New HUman Next Webcast 1/17/15 @ 11:11am Eastern

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3 comments on “Understanding The Energies Of 2015
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Yes, it is indeed an honor to be journeying with all of you in this NOW!



  2. Karen says:

    Yes, definitely feel that heightened self care, self love, SELF – first in every way especially yesterday – so I spent the day going deeper within – self nurture & self REspect.
    My old way of living is dropping away, bit by bit….so some ego stuff coming up, but I am not falling into a blubbering heap like I used to….some tears, but they are very cleansing & REfreshing.
    I got the Novice card this morning from my Wisdom of Avalon tarot deck…….thought I knew a fair bit…….lol…….but I affirm…I know nothing…..therefore I AM open to everything wonderfully NEW & SHINING on this enchanted journey of High Magic & Mystery.

    I AM truly blessed & grateful to be as ONE with your guiding LIGHT……I say yes & I surrender……I will stay patient & vigilant!
    Sat Nam beloveds ((((((((+))))))))

  3. OMPadaDevi says:

    “If your goal and heart’s desire is truly to merge with your own higher states of consciousness, power and expression, then your whole being will be focused on aligning with the reality you are consciously choosing to ascend to – not laboring in things that do not change.”

    It shouldn’t be a shock when focusing on the heart’s desire and everything seems to be flowing along that the ego will try to pull that rug out from under you. But you will find the fall isn’t as hard, and soon enough it will feel more like a slight mis-step.

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